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‘Mozart Effect’ May Treat Epilepsy Patients

The new study on the Mozart effect finds that it may actually help to treat epilepsy patients as a part of their standard treatment. Mozart effect means listening to the music made by Mozart, the famous musician which is thought to have miraculous healing powers, especially for epilepsy patients.

This new study which was an extensive meta-analysis suggests that it may help to feel the patients better and speed up their recovery. The complete findings were presented during the ECNP Congress. Click here to read the complete findings. 

This idea of Mozart’s music has some healing powers for mental health problems that were first coined back in the 90’s. There are a number of studies conducted to find if this claim was true but the problem with most of these studies was that they involved a relatively smaller sample size or had multiple variables involved. There were also allegations of this effect to be untrue to its healing benefits. For all these reasons, the health benefits of Mozart’s music had mixed reviews from the researchers.

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Dr. Gianluca Sesso and Dr. Federico Sicca are two researchers from the University of Pisa in Italy who decided to find the truth. They were able to review Mozart’s work that is linked with health benefits especially to treat epilepsy patients.

They went through a total number of 147 publications on this very subject and evaluated them in terms of quality and effect. Finally, they cut down their hunt to 12 research studies only and they categorized this information in 9 different groups.

They were astonished to find that listening to the music created by Mozart shows a huge reduction in the onset of seizures related to epilepsy as well as interictal epileptiform discharges that are otherwise common in epileptic patients. These results enhance if the patient listens to this music every day for a prolonged time.

Gianluca Sesso, the researcher working on understanding this relation says this study may not be the first one to evaluate Mozart’s music to treat epilepsy patients but it is the first one to confirm that it can be true. All the previous studies presented an uncertain picture as some of them were directed for one time listening to the music while others involved listening to the music daily. So it was hard to come to a single end but at least with this new review, the possibility of music-related therapy is clear.

Epilepsy is a common disease that affects millions of people worldwide. There are conventional treatments available to treat epilepsy patients but added factors such as music therapy may improve the quality of treatment and ensure faster recovery for these patients.

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Although this meta-analysis has confirmed the healing benefits of Mozart’s music how effective it can be on every patient varies on the basis of various factors. It is also different on the basis of the stimulus of the music that was used as a part of the therapy.

Obviously, all parts of the world have their own music culture, says Dr. Sesso. But it may not be possible for all of that music to have healing powers against any disease.

There is a new trend of using non-invasive methods to treat chronic disease and if this link between Mozart’s music and epilepsy is true, there are chances that it can be officially made a part of epilepsy treatment.