Much of Online Information on Breast Cancer is Misleading

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women and it accounts for a large number of deaths in the world. While there is plenty of information on breast cancer available online, not all of it is true. In fact, much of the online information about breast cancer is false and deceptive. Initially, there were so many myths regarding its diagnosis and treatment which contributed to the increased death rate. All these lives could have been saved if the information on breast cancer wasn’t unreliable. Here are a few things about breast cancer that every person should know.

Breast cancer only affects women

Whosoever started this clearly had no idea about what causes breast cancer. Breast cancer incidence is comparatively higher in women but it doesn’t mean that men can’t get it. Breast tissues are a part of both male and female bodies and it is possible for men to have breast cancer as well. However, it is less likely than women.

Breast cancer only hits after menopause age

While this is true that aging increases the risk of breast cancer, saying that no young woman can get it is a complete lie. It is rare but not impossible for young women to develop cancer. It is dependent upon a number of lifestyle changes and mortality risk in young patients of breast cancer is considerably high.

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Breast cancer is genetic

Well, not all but only 5-10% of cases of breast cancer involve genetic factors. The rest 90% is due to personal choices in lifestyle, diet, and environment. Cancer is not one single disease but a collection of symptoms. The development of cancer could be reduced or increased by changing all these related factors.

Mammograms cause breast cancers

Exposure to radiation certainly has health risks but mammograms cannot give breast cancer to anyone. In fact, it is the standard test for diagnosing breast cancer at the earliest possible stage. The latest devices use low radiation which is safe for the patient.

Breast cancer surgery spreads it to the whole body

Breast cancer surgery is a treatment option for this disease and it doesn’t cause it to spread to the whole body. Cancer tumors spread by replication and it could be increased if cancer invades the lymphatic system. So, it means cancer spread is caused by their own replication and surgery doesn’t play any part in it.

All lumps in breast show cancer

Not all lumps in breast indicate cancer. 80% of these breast lumps are benign or cysts and not cancerous at all.  Hormonal changes in the body can cause breast tissues to change and sometimes form a lump. It could also be a side effect of any medicine i.e. hormone therapy, contraceptives, etc. But the lump is harder, painful or changes with time, it is necessary to get it checked from a doctor as soon as possible.

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Pregnant women can’t get breast cancer

Although there is limited information to predict breast cancer development during pregnancy it could develop at any time of life. One of the major reasons behind developing cancerous lumps is hormonal changes and pregnancy experiences all types of hormonal changes in it.

So, it can’t be said that pregnant women can NOT get breast cancer. They certainly can develop it at any time of their life including pregnancy.

Breast cancer ends after its treatment

While treatment of breast cancer surely means that it is completely healed. But the breast cancer survivor has to follow regular checkups even after it so is sure that there is no recurrence of it.