CDC Guidelines for Thanksgiving
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New CDC Guidelines For Thanksgiving Warn Against Traveling

Last week, the U.S. Centre for Disease Control and Prevention reported over one million new cases of coronavirus infection diagnosed within only seven days. As the holiday season comes nearer, the infections are going to rise even further, which is why CDC guidelines for Thanksgiving give several warnings. Primarily, the health agency warns against traveling.

The use of public transport generally increases every year during the holiday season. This is because the majority of the people are returning home as they want to celebrate with friends and family. Travel at this time creates many problems but this year, the issue of coronavirus spread tops them all.

Due to the increase in travel, coronavirus transmission rates can increase even more. Consequently, people may also take the virus to their homes while visiting, leading to coronavirus outbreaks.

According to the current reports on the spread of the infection, public transport overall carries a higher risk of transmission. In fact, one research suggested that people who use it are four times more likely to catch the infection in normal everyday life.

Since the load on transport will soon increase, so will the chances of contracting the virus. This is why the CDC warns against traveling primarily in the upcoming weeks.

Despite the perpetual warnings against travel, the Transportation Security Administration noted that over one million passengers traveled via air last week on Friday.

At the same time, the number of cases also increased with a record-breaking high of  171,376 new infections per day. Overall, the spread became fifty-four times higher in a matter of only fourteen days.

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These reports show that the increase has a direct association with more people traveling before the holiday season. This further shows the importance of the CDC guidelines for Thanksgiving. Therefore, traveling needs to be avoided.

However, for people who have to travel for urgent causes and reasons, the health agency urges considering a number of factors prior to doing so. For instance, before making any plans, make sure that no one at home or at the visiting place is at risk of severe coronavirus infection.

In addition, also check for hospital facilities near the place being visited. Secondly, the chances of coronavirus exposure and prevalence of cases are also two other important factors.

According to the CDC, if the average number of cases in the place a person is leaving from or going to is high, traveling should be avoided. In fact, if the answer to all of the aforementioned questions is yes, travel plans should be re-considered.

By doing so, a person will not only protect himself or herself but family, friends, and the wider community. For those who travel after considering the factors, make sure to follow guidelines for prevention.

This includes wearing a mask, maintaining distance, avoiding physical contact, and carrying a hand sanitizer. Also, do not forget to wash hands, change clothes, and disinfect after arriving at the destination in order to not spread the virus just in case.

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