Swimming Guide During Coronavirus

New Summer Swimming Guide During Coronavirus Pandemic

Summer is here but with this coronavirus pandemic, it is never going to be the same. That’s why everyone who approaches water should know the complete swimming guide during coronavirus pandemic for safety reasons. In this regard, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has shared complete swimming pool guidelines.

Normally, the swimming guidelines include water safety, swimming training, and supervision. But due to coronavirus, there are new tips and tricks to try for added safety such as social distancing. This social distancing should be a top priority especially for community or public pools.

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William Schaffner from Vanderbilt University Medical Center emphasizes following the new swimming guidelines by anyone who wants to step into a pool. The main concern is the ‘proximity’ in order to maintain a social distance. While in water, it is necessary to make sure that the face is covered and no two people are close to each other. It also includes other things such as distancing the pool chairs from each other. Lastly, hand hygiene is something that no one can ignore.

All agencies should use signs on these pools telling guidelines or issue newsletters to all nearest households who use that pool. It is extremely necessary to know the new swimming guide during coronavirus pandemic while using a public pool this summer.

All pools must introduce a limit to swimming capacity. It means to decrease the swimmers in the water at a time. This is the only way to maintain social distancing in the pool which should ideally be 6 feet. For kids pool, it is necessary to maintain the same guidelines.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says that it is limited evidence to tell whether or not coronavirus could spread through water. It includes public pools, hot tubs, or water parks too. Generally, all water-based areas should maintain safety standards like cleaning the water with chlorine and bromine.

But more than pool agencies, swimmers need to follow the precautions to avoid over-crowding. Social distancing can drastically reduce the risk of getting coronavirus. Social distancing in pools can also prevent drowning especially in the case of children. As the child is under adult supervision, there are very low chances for him to drown.

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Drowning in pools is one of the most common reasons for unintentional deaths especially in children below 4 years age. These drowning incidents could cause nightmares in children, for years.

The health safety experts recommend an adult around children during their time in the pool. In addition to this, they emphasize learning about water safety, CPR, boating safety, and swimming training especially for kids under 6 years of age. The American Academy of Pediatrics says that children can start their swimming lessons from an extremely young age i.e. one-year-old.  Older kids that are above 12 should learn how to perform a CPR in case of an emergency.

This summer would be completely different from all previous summers especially when it comes to water activities and sports. The coronavirus pandemic has changed everything. But, for good, it is better to follow the new swimming guide during coronavirus pandemic to reduce the risk.