type 2 diabetes
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No Need Of Medicines To Get Rid Of Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes or adult-onset diabetes is a form of diabetes that causes a high level of glucose in the blood and less sensitivity to insulin (the hormone that draws glucose from the blood to get energy). Weight loss increased thirst, and frequent urination is some common symptoms of Type 2 diabetes.

Current research regarding health reveals that people above the age of sixty-five facing health issues should exercise at least for a minute per. This short span of exercise is sufficient to give health benefits.

In Dundee, researchers from Abertay University observed many people who participated in workout sessions. People of sixty-five to seventy-five years old participated in groups for eight weeks. Each individual of all the groups had been enjoying an idle and settled life without any physical activity.

None of them had been doing workout consistently. Every individual was given a stationary bike and was guided to wheel the bike for about 60 seconds by putting full energy and without taking any break.

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If any of them failed to cycle the bike for a minute would perform the process of SIT (Sprint Interval Training) again.

Researchers found that a weekly workout session was sufficient to control the glucose level in the blood and improve the mobility of the participants. Insulin resistance increases in individuals as they get older and fail to draw glucose out of the blood.

This failure causes many complications like liver and heart problems and may direct to Type 2 diabetes. Physical activity is the best thing to treat type 2 diabetes. Along with exercise, a healthy meal is required to maintain blood glucose levels. Diabetes may lead to kidney problems and nerve pain so physical fitness and activity are required to reduce the chances of diabetes.

Dr. John Babraj found that SIT plays an important role in improving health. SIT enhances the capacity to draw glucose out of blood if completed once or twice a week. Muscles get the required glucose produced from exercise and in turn, a lower glucose level of blood. It not only lowers blood sugar level but also cope with heart complications, lowers blood pressure, reduces cholesterol level, and increases the sensitivity to insulin.

The study revealed that individuals performing SIT twice a week showed a better performance than those who didn’t. Progress was also observed in individuals participating in SIT once a week.

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Many improvements in the general activity to do daily work were observed in the individual participating in STI and differences were assessed in a common occupation like the effectiveness to walk up and downstairs, to open the door, and to do the daily chores.

For people with old age have huge complications because of the loss in the physical functioning of the body, social isolation and it affects the standard of life. Social isolation intentionally declines life standards.

The current researches find that older adults need to participate in the workout. Older people should go for an exercise of moderate intensity every week but it is very hard for older people to complete this task. Dr. Babraj wills to introduce SIT (sprint interval training) in the Government’s physical activity guidelines.

Better acclimatization was observed from both groups participating in STI once and twice a week than the minor changes expected by the researches.