Nunaps is Developing a New Digital Therapeutics Startup for Neurological Disorders 

A South Korean company, Nunaps Inc. raises 5 billion KRW for the development of a patient-centered, digital therapeutic platform for neurological disorders with the collaboration of Company K partners, K2 Investment Partners, and KTB Network.

The company is planning to use the capital for building digital therapeutic startup related to brain disorders. The company has initiated the clinical trials of Nunap Vision, their first product which provides the visual perceptual practice to treat visual field problems caused by brain damage. It is the first and only Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (MFDS) approved digital therapeutics clinical trial in South Korea.

Vision impairment caused by brain damage means that the optic and eyes nerves are intact, but the visual center is damaged that found visual information in an invisible view area. About 20% of strokes suffer from vision impairment. People suffering from vision impairment will not be able to read, watch TV, find things, and drive and so on.

Nunap Vision is a software as a medical device (SaMD) utilizing HMD VR. It combines the theory of blindness (the visual stimuli are transmitted to the unconscious parts of the brain) and the principal that it will change brain connectivity in the visual area through visual perception training programs, developed through years of research.  In previous studies, the clinical efficacy of Nunap Vision has already been demonstrated. The double-blind, multi-center, placebo-controlled, randomized trial has been designed for further validation.

Click here to read about role of digital therapeutics in neurologic deficits after a stroke, published in the Journal of Stroke.

Nunaps is proud of its in-house united tech and medical professionals comprising of neurologists, engineers, software and game developers, Al scientists, mathematicians, and perceptual psychologists.  The team of neurologists including the founder and CEO Dong-Wha Kang, professor of neurology and head of R&BD Group, Hyun –Wook Nah and the former clinical fellow in neurology, Hana Kim at Asan Medical center is fully committed for its investigation and to develop its pipelines.

Kang shared that he made his mind for business in 2017 for developing new revolutionary therapy which will have both practical and clinical applications for people suffering from visual field defects. There had no effective treatment for such patients until now. He and his team are focused to fulfill the unmet needs of patients with this digital therapeutics startup.

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The CIO of Company K partners Kang- Soo Lee said that Nunaps is the first Korean digital therapeutics company having a great potential for becoming a global top-tier, currently setting up the clinical trials for recent digital therapeutic which employs Al technologies for the treatment of neurological disorders.

The company plans to start pipelines for different brain disorders for becoming the leading platform of digital therapeutics in the coming years. The CEO said that it is very important to carry out patient-centered research and development for the developed products to put them in practical use. He said they will develop customized therapeutics which will help patient’s indirect use and experience the products and will be more empowered to engage in their development. It is providing new values and hopes for people suffering from brain disorders.