Physically and Mentally Fit
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Older People are Physically and Mentally More Fit than Older People in the 1990’s

The physical and mental health of older people is much better than their age-fellows from the 1990s. This change was observed and explained by a recent study under the Faculty of Sport and Health Sciences at the University of Jyväskylä (Finland).  It revealed that being physically and mentally fit has helped to increase the life expectancy of older adults.

This study analyzed the physical and mental health of people from 45-80 years old range and compared the outcomes to the same age people from 1990s.

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Taina Rantanen, the lead researcher of this study says that they used different performance-based measures to see how these older people do their routine tasks. Then they evaluated the effects of these measurements on their cognitive health.

Among all participants, different factors such as speech, speed, verbal communication, memory, and everything is much better than thirty years ago. These people are more physically and mentally fit than people who are older than 80 years old. But some factors such as the lungs test were studied without identifying the differences in these cohorts.

An overall increase in the body size of these people and increased physical stamina ensures good walking speed as compared to people who were born before these people. among the highly significant underlying factors in these differences was the longer education.

A bigger body size increased age expectancy and improve physical and mental health all are much better than other older people who were born before these people. It shows that these people have grown up with a little different environment as compared to older adults 30 years ago.

There are many things that have changed, for example, better dietary habits, improved healthcare system, better education, accessibility to health and education, and much more productive life.

The increased life expectancy not only means more years to life but also shows better health. This observation is accompanied by the least chances of getting sick, better treatment facilities, and overall improved life.

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This study produces unique results because there is not much evidence on how the older generation is different from their counterparts of a few years ago. It may also give a feeling that understanding a person’s old age is somewhat old-fashioned which is considered to be lazy, sick, and vulnerable.

From the researchers’ point of view, the old age doesn’t always mean weak, sick, and bed-ridden. The situation is pretty much changed after the improved lifestyle, better food availability, healthcare system, and changed parameters. Right now, two entirely opposite things are happening together; one is that life expectancy is increasing. And second, the number of old people is also increasing.