Coronavirus Vaccine 
Image- illustration: Laura Kammermann

One in Five Americans are Against Coronavirus Vaccine 

Many countries around the world are currently in a race to develop an effective vaccine for coronavirus.

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Scientists are working tirelessly to end the pandemic by coming up with a possible vaccine. Apparently, it seems to be the only solution to control the outbreak.

A survey was done by the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research whose results showed that half of the US population is not willing to get the coronavirus vaccine if the scientists are successful in developing it. According to the poll, 31 percent of the population was unsure about getting the vaccine while one out of five people said that they will not get vaccinated for the novel virus.

The experts are worried that President Donald Trump’s promise of providing millions of doses of coronavirus vaccine by January might not be fulfilled and they will face a huge backlash.

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The vaccine in the US is being developed fairly early and the huge progress is being called “Operation Warp Speed”. However, some people are concerned about the speed with which the coronavirus vaccine updates are being given to the public.

A vaccine is the major need of the hour but the early development of the vaccine is also raising questions on the safety of the vaccine and if there are enough trials done to ensure the efficacy of the vaccine. These doubts have led a population of nearly 1,000 citizens to refuse the vaccine for coronavirus in the US.

Dr. William Schaffner is an infectious disease specialist who works at the Vanderbilt University Medical Center. He said that the government should make as many promises as it can fulfill and due to this doubtful situation, a huge database will be required that ensures the safety of the vaccine and reassures the public about it.

Most of the people who have refused to get vaccinated are unsure about the safety of the coronavirus vaccine. Melanie Dries, aged 56 from Colorado said that she is not against vaccines but the development of the vaccine is too early which makes her doubt that the side effects of the vaccine are not being considered.

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Normally, the development of an effective vaccine takes around ten years or so.

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Dr. Francis Collins, the director of the National Institutes of Health said that safety should be ensured in the COVID-19 vaccine development. The institute is working on an effective plan by which they will test its efficacy or if the vaccine is safe for administrating in the general public by vaccinating thousands of candidates. He said that a coronavirus vaccine with side effects would be the worst thing to happen right now.

The authorities believe that a vaccine is the only answer to control the outbreak of coronavirus in the US and the country is only safe to reopen completely after a vaccine is available.

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Caitlin Oppenheimer, who is leading the public health research of NORC said that a lot of people are uncertain about getting the coronavirus vaccine and the Americans should be made aware of the importance and safety of the possible vaccine.

Coronavirus in the US has already caused a major downfall in the economy while the safety of the Americans depends mainly on the vaccine as reopening business amid the pandemic will have adverse effects. Most of the American population is desperately looking forward to coronavirus vaccine updates so that life can return to normalcy once the outbreak is contained.