One Million People Test Positive for Coronavirus in Spain

Coronavirus in Spain has infected one million people making the country the first in Western Europe to reach that figure. The government of the country is planning to impose some new restrictions to stop the spread of the virus as the country reported 575 deaths in the previous week, which brings the total to 34,366 deaths.

The undesirable milestone came six weeks after Spain crossed 500,000 coronavirus cases and became the first country in western Europe to do so. Madrid region accounts for nearly 33% of all the cases of coronavirus in Spain and its government is locked in an argument with the country’s central government on the method to control the crisis.

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Coronavirus in Spain started in the months when the pandemic was at its beginning and the government of the country introduced some of the strictest measures to control it and one of those measures was that the children cannot go outside. However, as the cases decreased, Spain like other countries in Europe softened the restrictions.

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As the month of August approached its end the new daily cases started to rise by nearly 10,000 in a day. Hospitalizations also increased by around 20% only during the last two weeks and deaths are also rising.

The government of Spain recently imposed an emergency in Madrid taking control from local authorities, to reduce the spread of the coronavirus as Madrid is facing one of the most significant outbreaks in Europe. The emergency was affected immediately and lasted for two weeks and forced the local authorities of Madrid to reimpose the travel restrictions which the national government introduced initially but was ruled out by a Madrid court.

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Isabel Diaz Ayuso, the regional president of Madrid, said on Wednesday that surgical measures will be introduced to bring the health and economy together. She also said that the most important thing for the government is that the economy of the country does not suffer any longer.

The hospital systems across Europe are at the risk of being adversely affected by the pressure of the increasing number of hospitalizations that are putting the continent in the central stage of the pandemic. The number of cases of coronavirus was restricted when the lockdowns were imposed in the months of March and April but now, they have started to increase rapidly. Health authorities in European nations are extremely concerned due to the renewed crisis which is affecting their health infrastructure.

The health minister of Belgium called the current situation of coronavirus in the country as a ‘tsunami’ of infections and has decided to postpone all unnecessary hospital procedures, other countries having a similar situation in Europe are likely to impose similar restrictions.

France announced nearly 27,000 new cases of the virus as the country is averaging around 25,000 daily cases in the last few days. Around 34,048 people have already died of the virus in France and the total number of cases of the virus has accumulated to around 957,421. As of right now, the government of France has imposed a curfew in some major cities including Paris, and now, they are planning to expand it.

Italy registered around 15,199 cases in the last 24 hours, which is a daily record since the outbreak began in the country. Moreover, 127 deaths were reported in the last 24 hours which is by far a lot lesser than in March and April when nearly 900 people died in a day of the virus.