Pathway to Stop Diabetes Awards $3.2 Million Grant for Finding Diabetes Treatment  

The American Diabetes Association (ADA) is going to give its annual award- ”Pathway to Stop Diabetes grant-making a total of $3.25 million to two researchers. Each one of them would get $1.625 million dollars within a fixed term of five-years to support scientific research, clinical study, and technological advancements and potential treatment of diabetes. Names and credentials of these two researchers are as follows;

Judith Agudo- Judith works at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston, Massachusetts and has found eligible to receive this Pathway Accelerator Award to fund her diabetes project. The title of her project is “Harnessing immune privilege mechanisms from stem cells to protect beta-cells from immune attack.”

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Maxence V. Nachury- Maxence works at the University of California, San Francisco, and is the second researcher to win this Pathway Visionary Award to fund his research. The title of his project is “Regulation of body weight homeostasis and beta-cell function by primary cilia.”

Dr. Kenneth Moritsugu operates as the Interim Chief Science and Medicine Officer at  American Diabetes Association (ADA). He shares his regards as;

“Congratulations to our 2020 Pathway to Stop Diabetes research grant awardees, Dr. Agudo and Dr. Nachury. The Pathway program is groundbreaking and identifies promising researchers at the peak of their creativity. It provides them with the financial and professional support they need to be innovative and produce something great. Alongside the 32 other Pathway researchers we’ve supported since the program began in 2014, I have no doubt that the work or Dr. Agudo and Dr. Nachury will help those living with diabetes truly thrive and bring us closer than ever to finding a cure for diabetes.”

The CEO of the American Diabetes Association, Ms. Tracey D. Brown adds;

“Research is in our DNA and it is our foundation. The Pathway program allows us to continue our mission through the great minds of young and talented researchers who will one day find a cure and end this diabetes epidemic!”

“Pathway to Stop Diabetes” is a revolutionary program designed for research studies in order to find diabetes treatment. It awards distinctive researchers in diabetes research and provides professional assistance, mentorship and financially supports their projects. This program is now entering into the seventh year of its function and so far, 34 scientists have been selected and granted to work in diabetes research.

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Ever since “Pathway to Stop Diabetes” was launched, nine researchers have secured independent positions as faculty members, multiple invention disclosures and patent applications are filed and over a hundred research manuscripts are published in leading journals of the world by this pathway awardees.

The grant is awarded in three main categories.

Pathway Initiator– it is open for postdoctoral fellows who operate as trainers for independent new researches.

Pathway Accelerator– it is open for early level researchers working in diabetes treatment in an independent career.

Pathway Visionary– it is open for scientists from diverse fields who want to use their skills and knowledge in diabetes research as first-timers.

All the awardees are selected carefully by the Mentor Advisory Group of the American Diabetes Association. This group includes prominent name in research who review the projects of these applicants and set the value to them. Other than award money, these advisors also mentor the selected participants and provide professional guidance throughout their study.

Christopher B. Newgard is the chairperson of this Mentor Advisory Group of the American Diabetes Association (ADA). He says that;

“In my six years on the Pathway mentor and selection committee, I have observed the extraordinary impact of the program first-hand. The process has been highly competitive, with many years seeing more than 100 submitted applications across the three funding categories. This has meant that the quality of science funded has been exceptional, and the grants have clearly stimulated the launch and development of careers focused on diabetes research projects with exciting translational implications. The two awards for 2020 continue this tradition of excellence.”

“Pathway to Stop Diabetes” receives millions of monetary support from collaborations between sponsors, individuals, and foundations. These awardees for the year 2020 are sponsored by “Discovery Sponsor”, “Eli Lilly” and “Company and Initiator Sponsor Merck & Co., Inc”.