DIY coronavirus vaccine
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People Are Now Making Dangerous DIY Coronavirus Vaccines at Home

During the early days of the current pandemic, false information regarding the virus and its treatment became very common which urged health agencies to address the issue and warn against myths and rumors about the infection. Despite the continuous emphasis on the dangers of bogus methods for prevention and cure, many people are continuing to follow some of them, including making DIY coronavirus vaccines at home.

At the moment, multiple clinical trials around the world are testing different formulas for the development of an effective vaccine for the novel coronavirus.

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Till now, no vaccine has been launched in the market or made available to the public for usage.

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Last month, only Russia had announced the launch of their first vaccine for the prevention of coronavirus. Though reports on the vaccine show that it was safe and showed no side effects during its first two phases of a clinical trial, the vast majority of the medical community believes otherwise and deems the vaccine as unreliable without the mandatory phase three.

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Moreover, even if the vaccine has been approved, it is not available in the market and is only being used in a selected group of people in Russia.

Overall, health experts are not sure when will an effective vaccine be developed and used in the general public in order to end the pandemic but most agree that it can take several months or even another year for this to happen in nearly all of the countries affected by the health crisis.

This means that all countries will have to continue implementing restrictions for the coronavirus pandemic. Some may even have to enforce another total lockdown in order to control the growing number of cases but experts state that such measures will be necessary even with the vaccine in the market.

Following the given preventive measures and distribution of vaccines have to be combined to control the pandemic effectively. Without either of them, the crisis is unlikely to end. So, people have to be patient and continue to follow guidelines and avoid any fast cures or bogus methods for safety against the virus.

However, there are still many people who have adopted bizarre measures to avoid the virus. Some of such methods can just do nothing at all while others can be extremely dangerous to health and even cause death, including injecting DIY coronavirus vaccines.

The practice of using homemade vaccines has become so prevalent that a new paper, whose findings appear in the journal Science, has accentuated the need for awareness regarding the potentially deadly effects of using a vaccine made at home.

In addition, taking untested vaccines developed by random vaccine developing groups or people is also equally dangerous. The practice can lead to legal consequences and new issues that may damage public health further.

Even though the vast majority and even the medical community wants the pandemic to end as soon as possible, going for fast treatments and “quick fixes” can have the opposite impact and harm the progress made over it instead. Therefore, taking untested vaccines or other similar practices should be avoided.