Planet Fitness is All Set for a Big Celebration on National Pizza and Bagel Day

Planet Fitness, Inc., is going to host a party this Sunday, February 09, 2020, in order to celebrate National Pizza and Bagel Day. It welcomes everyone, either members or non-members, to its pizza, bagel and workout party at its 2,000 locations from 07:00 to 10:00 a.m. and 04:00 to 7:00 p.m. (local time in the U.S.).

Planet Fitness is one of the growing franchise, operating various fitness centers. The number of its members is much more compared to any fitness brand.

On February 09, any person visiting this judgment-free zone can enjoy free bagel in the morning time and pizza in the evening time. Additionally, a person with age 18 years or more will be also able to enjoy a free workout throughout the day.

The belief of Planet Fitness is that fitness can be realistic, fun, and judgment-free. In 1999, a shortage of hot water was faced by one of its fitness clubs for a whole day. At that time, its members were offered free pizza by the club’s staff in order to reward them for their understanding and patience.

This gesture was much appreciated and after some time, monthly free pizza was offered in all of the Planet Fitness’s clubs. Every month, “Pizza Monday” is celebrated on the first Monday. And on average, every year, over nine million pizza slices are served by its clubs.

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Similarly, on the 2nd Tuesday of every month, members of Planet Fitness’ clubs are also offered with free bagels that accounts for almost four million bagels every year.

Jeremy Tucker is the Chief Marketing Officer at this Judgement Free Zone. According to him, Planet Fitness believes that a person doesn’t need to make sacrifices on a daily basis in order to work out and achieve his fitness goals. Instead, a person may achieve his goal without adopting any impractical choice and enjoying the thing he loves such as eating a bagel or pizza.

Jeremy Tucker added that a person can have carbs and cardio at the same time.  Results of a study by Planet Fitness have shown that though almost all the Americans (98%) love eating pizza, nearly 54% stated that they are made to feel guilty by the fitness industry for even having a slice at times.

Further findings showed that among pizza lovers, 44% are those who don’t accept giving up pizza for a year in order to have a six-pack. Similarly, over 57 million people in the U.S. reported that they feel that they are being judged for having pizza. And many of them get more conscious while eating pizza for breakfast (17%), in bed (20%), or after having dinner outside (20%).

Additionally, 53% of Americans think that it is cheating to eat pizza while being on a diet. Whereas, 58% stated that that they feel guilty about having pizza even if they aren’t dieting. Even though people are made to feel guilty by the fitness industry for eating pizza, 80% of Americans don’t give up pizza by having carbs and cardio together.

Besides throwing this pizza party, Planet Fitness has also announced that up till February 13, any person can get its membership for  25 cents down, then 10 dollars per month.