President Trump signed $8.3B Bill to Get Rid of Coronavirus in USA

US President, Donald Trump has signed an $8.3 billion worth control plan to combat the coronavirus outbreak in the USA. Started from China, this virus has made to US grounds and killed more than 12 people here. The number of coronavirus infected people has crossed 200 and every day adds up to this number.

This new legislation would allow public health agencies to work on coronavirus vaccines, diagnostic tests, and treatment medicines. It would also help state governments to take necessary actions in case of infection threat.

The rapidly increasing infection has left the whole world in shock as they were not expecting this. Within days, personal hygiene products and face masks are emptied from the markets. Overall this coronavirus outbreak has shaken the financial markets, suspended international travel and trade and affected the quality of health in all major parts of the world.

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President Trump considered this bill while visiting the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta. While talking to the media, last Friday, he told me how he got concerned about it when an official of CDC was diagnosed positive with coronavirus.

This $8.3 billion measure has been passed by Senate last week. This amount would be spent to reassure the public that the government is doing all the necessary steps to control this outbreak and they need not worry.

The bill swept 96-1 votes in Senate and later on, it was sent to the White House for the presidential signatures. Only one senator, Rand Paul, R-Ky voted against it. The House passed this bill by 415-2.

This plan costs nearly triple the amount outlined by the White House a few days ago, which was $2.5 billion. This initial proposal by President Trump was immediately rejected and discarded by Congress.  Richard Shelby, R-Ala, chairman at Appropriations Committee says that;

“In situations like this, I believe no expense should be spared to protect the American people, and in crafting this package none was.” He further added that “It’s an aggressive plan, a vigorous plan that has received an overwhelmingly positive reaction.”

This deal has the world’s support with it and Trump was sure to make it happen. This plan intends to regain public confidence in government and calms them, reducing the fear of the coronavirus outbreak in the USA. Sen. Patrick Leahy, D-Vt said; “The American people are looking for leadership and want assurance that their government is up to the task of protecting their health and safety.”

This legislation would fund agencies for making coronavirus vaccines, tests and treatments. A total of $300 million would be awarded to make the relevant drugs available to all those who need them. More than $2 billion would be spent in helping local governments to prepare for the viral outbreak and prevent its spread. Additionally, $1.3 billion are to spend on controlling the coronavirus outbreak overseas.

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American politicians are appreciating this new bill, calling it a “necessity” as the virus continues to spread. Nancy Pelosi said;  “This may be the first step because we have issues that relate to unemployment insurance for people who are put out of work.”

Rosa DeLauro, D-Conn added that; “We have only about 27% of people in this country who have paid sick days. So if they have to go home what is going to happen to them and their families?”

Rep. Raul Ruiz, D-Calif., a certified doctor shares; “Now you’re starting to see a rapid deployment of tests, which makes me feel better, quite honestly. I think their communications are a little better. As long as the president doesn’t contradict the experts and the scientists who know what they’re doing, things will get better.”