reopening schools during coronavirus pandemic
Image: Alexandra_Koch (pixabay license)

Reopening Schools During Coronavirus Pandemic Is Causing Outbreaks

At the beginning of March, many of the countries around the world, including those situated in Europe imposed strict lockdowns in order to prevent the further transmission of the coronavirus infection. Due to the restrictions, the number of new cases went down significantly over time. However, reopening schools during the coronavirus pandemic is leading to outbreaks and bringing back transmission rates similar to those in March once again.

In fact, certain European countries may even be recording a higher daily average increase in coronavirus cases than they did before. For instance, France has set a new record at the end of last month. As soon as September started, the infections increased further and reached to more than nine thousand new cases per day.

Similarly, other countries are also suddenly experiencing a massive increase in the number of new cases. Spain and even the UK, which fully reopened last month are considering restrictions once again due to the uncontrollable amount of cases. The rise in infections comes as a surprise to many as most assumed the situation had been controlled once and for all after the first lockdown.

Prior to the current conditions of the pandemic around the world, European countries including UK, France, and Italy were compared with other major countries such as the US to predict what was going to happen in the latter in the future.

Generally, since the crisis started later in the United States, it was assumed that the patterns would be similar to that in the European countries. However, the similarities soon started disappearing between European countries and the US. In a short span of time, the number of infections in the US became much higher than that in the UK or France.

To this day, the US has the highest number of cases of the coronavirus infection, followed by India and Brazil. After the shifts in patterns, Europe was no longer compared with the US to look for and anticipate the upcoming events in the pandemic.

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The recent outbreaks of coronavirus across the continent may once again make experts and people compare cases in Europe with the US but not in the way it was before. Now, many people believe that the continued rise in infections in the US may mean that countries in Europe may also experience similar problems very soon.

Some health experts have even highlighted obvious similarities in Americans and Europeans as well as the governments that can contribute significantly to the ongoing pandemic.

For instance, nearly all countries have approved of reopening schools during the coronavirus pandemic, which is currently one of the major contributors to outbreaks in Europe. People in the continent and in the US are both strictly divided into those who follow all recommendations and those who would not even wear a mask when going outside.

Although health experts in Europe say that schools do not contribute to cases as much, the rising number of cases say otherwise. On the other hand, a number of experts have already stated the possibility of shutting down schools once again very soon just like what happened in some states of the US.