Research Reveals That Diabetic People Are Not Satisfied With Current Treatment

MyHealthTeams provides the biggest and fast connecting social network for patients of chronic diseases. It has revealed results from new research that is conducted on 100,000+ participants. These participants were registered as a member at DiabetesTeam which is a social support group for people living with diabetes type 2.

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More than 50% of the patients shared that they are not satisfied with their current treatments of diabetes. On the question of what changes do they need, 6% desired for new treatment options and almost every one repeatedly prioritized empathy and responsiveness from their doctors. They also desire to be provided with more information on dietary and lifestyle changes and managing life with diabetes.

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Diabetic patients want their doctors to be more interested in educating them for disease management. Many patients don’t have even a basic understanding of how to make necessary dietary changes for managing diabetes. That is why they are unable to live a normal life like other people.

MyHealthTeams has marked two areas in a diabetic patient’s life which could be improved.

1- Diet

More than 70% of the participants said that they understand how a healthy diet is necessary for them but they can’t figure out how to change their diet. They need direct information on foods, meal size, meal times, recipes and grocery shopping. It is rare for a doctor to explain all these things to a diabetic patient which is why they have shown this concern.

2-  Exercise

More than 50% of the participants understand the benefits of exercise for diabetic people but a majority of them was unable to understand how to exercise being a diabetic patient. They find it hard on how to start exercising and need specific instructions and tips from medical experts on it.

The life of a diabetic patient is different from a normal healthy individual. Other than high blood sugar, there are many things that they have to go through every day. Some of these everyday problems include fatigue, the frequent urge of urination, body itch, feeling dryness in feet, numbness of body parts, increased thirst and neuropathic signs.

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On the basis of this study’s findings, diabetic people who were respondents of this study listed the following major challenges.

  • 51% experience difficulty in sleeping
  • 45% are under constant stress, depression or anxiety
  • 41% are not able to perform the daily chores
  • 33% of them find it difficult to interact with others

Contrary to the popular belief, it’s not just the spiking blood sugar that needs to be controlled when it comes to diabetic management. People living with diabetes have to struggle a lot for doing even the simplest things that healthy people find simple and easy.

Eric Peacock, CEO and one of the founders of MyHealthTeams says that it is the time to tack an action and make our healthcare systems open to changes. These new changes should be solely based on empathy to educate, inform and support diabetic patients, solving their issues. It is more than medicine alone.

MyHealthTeams is doing everything to improve the life of diabetic patients. Through its social network development, it connects people from chronic diseases to each other in 13 countries of the world. For now, it is working on many diseases including lupus, diabetes, HIV, allergies, depression, psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis, lymphoma, endometriosis, leukemia, eczema, hemophilia, Alzheimer’s, epilepsy, Parkinson’s and many more.