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RISE Association is All Set for Identifying the Social Determinants of Health

The RISE Association has announced that it is going to join hands with Alexandra Schweitzer to conduct a survey for the identification of social determinants of health. The main objective of this benchmarking survey is to provide an understanding of the factors affecting the success of the new health programs.

This step facilitates health workers in developing programs for the areas where individuals learn, live, play, and work. These programs can more effectively deal with situations such as the increased risk of health-related issues, thus improving the outcomes.

Among the elements affecting an individual’s health, some are socioeconomic factors, environmental factors, and health-related behaviors.

The survey conducted by the RISE association emphasizes how success for health-related programs are evaluated by various community-based organizations and health plans.  Additionally, the survey will also determine the effectiveness and outcomes of these programs. RISE Association will disclose the findings of this survey at its National Summit on Social Determinants of Health from March 15, 2020, to March 17, 2020.

This summit is going to be happening at Omni Nashville Hotel, Nashville, Tennessee. Alexandra Schweitzer is a researcher at the Harvard Kennedy School. She is an expert working for the successful implementation of various new health-related initiatives.

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Her experience isn’t just limited as payers, but she has also provided services in collaboration with specialized analytics, state government, and managed care organizations. Schweitzer has also developed and directed various integrated systems of care.

These care-providing systems include devices that deal with social determinants of health and provider-payer organizations etc.

Schweitzer has secured her bachelor’s degree from Brandeis University in English and American Literature. And had received her master’s degree from the Harvard Kennedy School in Public Policy. She expressed her excitement in cooperation with the RISE Association for conducting this benchmarking survey.

She stated that this survey would shed light on the successful collaboration between social service organizations and health plans or accountable care organizations. She added that working on this project provides a chance for individuals who are making advancements in the field of social determinants of health and want to share their work and learning experience.

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According to the RISE’s executive director of production – Marina Adamsky, the data collected from the survey will be particularly beneficial for attendees of the conference. Whereas, the purpose behind this survey is to offer conference attendees with actionable, scalable, and tactical solutions to target or address problems in social determinants of health.

RISE Association also provides motivation to other health organizations that have launched new initiatives to determine social factors that affect the health of an individual.

About the RISE Association

Rise Association provides a platform to those health care providers who aim to face and deal with the particular challenges provided by the government healthcare reform and ACOs. The objective of the RISE Association is to assist the community in its struggles on four fronts and career development, such as education, industry intelligence, education, and networking.