San Francisco’s Haight-Ashbury District Welcomes Its First Legal Cannabis Store

The Cole Ashbury Group in collaboration with Cookies has announced the opening of a first-ever legal cannabis store “Berner’s on Haight” near Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco. This joint venture would give Cole Ashbury Group complete ownership of this legal cannabis store and Shawn M. Richard is selected as the new CEO of this store. On the other side, Cookies’ founder Gilbert Milam would give 20+ years of experience in the cannabis industry to access a larger population in this locality.

This shop is opening under the Social Equity Program in San Francisco that works on damages to the people of color by “War on Drugs.”

Vallie Brown, the outgoing Supervisor says that

“Cannabis legalization isn’t coming to the Haight-Ashbury; no, the laws are finally coming to the Haight-Ashbury’s way of thinking, of valuing healing, freedom of expression, and social equity.  It’s exciting and fitting that San Francisco’s first social equity cannabis store will be right here in the Haight, and that it will be led by a man like Shawn Richard who has spent decades in selfless service to our community.”

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Shawn Richard from The Cole Ashbury Group Berner from Cookies is aimed to work for the Haight Street community in San Francisco. Both of them are originally from San Francisco who want to give back something to their county

Shawn M. Richard says that

“This isn’t just a store, it’s a platform. All eyes will be on us, and I want to show the City and the world the benefits of partnering with people who are truly committed to advancing equity and understand that our communities need more than expungement. Cookies is that partner, and we’re excited to have them standing with us.”

Talking about the location, this new legal cannabis store is located in a prominent part which is a cross-section of culture and tourism. It gets international visitors and probably there wasn’t any better place to open this first-ever legal cannabis retail shop.

The shop is now open and it would give Haight-Ashbury shoppers direct and easy access to top-selling cannabis products from the whole world. This shop is a licensed and secure store which is designed by Brinkworth (UK) at 1685,  Haight Street.

This shop will feature the complete Cookie’s lineup that includes all brands i.e. Lemonnade, Runtz, Powerzzzup, Minntz, and Grandiflora.

Cookies founder, Berner is a local resident and a successful entrepreneur in the cannabis industry. He said he is excited about this new store because of its meaningful status in San Francisco city. He further shares that;

“I’m honored to be partnered with Shawn M. Richard in opening the first social equity dispensary in San Francisco. We want this partnership to be a model replicated across the country as more social equity programs emerge. The exclusive family of Cookies brands and products will help ensure the first social equity dispensary is a major success.”

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Cookies is one of the highly in-demand, fast-growing and premium quality cannabis products manufacturers which have product lines including indoor, outdoor, and sunlight-grown plants edibles, gels, vape carts and much more. It is already running two successful stores in Los Angeles on Melrose and Maywood, and the third store in Redding.