ScriptSender Connects With EvoHealth To Strengthen Physicians Communications

ScriptSender, a fast track communication provider has announced a new partnership with EvoHealth, a company designing technological solutions in radiology. ScriptSender provides instant communication of a document from any medical group to the respective physician within seconds. This is particularly helpful for the imaging centers that can send their patient reports directly to the physician’s system in a few clicks only. This type of communication practices would bypass the difficulties and expenses of inefficient and delayed communication made through conventional sources.

EvoHealth is a tech company in healthcare sector that provides easy solutions for VNA, Mammo, Cardio, HER, RIS, Ortho, Billing, etc. It operates the whole workflow through a cloud platform and also involves in different marketing campaigns to make healthcare facilities better. Some of the examples include patient reminders for appointments, custom brand portals, and others.

The new partnership between EvoHealth and ScriptSender would be a value-added deal for all existing and new customers at EvoHealth. They would be able to access automated orders, clinical reports, and medical decision support systems. With all these new facilities, the problems of doing it all manual would be “thing of past”.

Katie Eckhardt, MD at EvoHealth shares that people are used to finding these medical inefficiencies are normal. Whether it is lost documents, unreadable faxes or mismanaged data, these things frequently happen at healthcare systems and people are fine with it. The real surprise would be when these things would not be able to hit anyone ever again.
The collaboration of ScriptSender and EvoHealth is making it possible for radiology physicians as well as patients to experience accurate and timely diagnostic results.

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ScriptSender provides completely secure, one-click communications between parties that are mostly healthcare systems. Thus it reduces the cost and difficulties related to new interfaces, day to day VPN issues, and missing faxes. Together EvoHealth and ScriptSender would work to provide true interoperability for radiology patients and their physicians.

The official website of ScriptSender ensures integration of any document relevant to healthcare, any form, application from a medical group to be sent directly to physicians by only one click. It involves now downloads, no installation, no complex interfaces to go through, all it requires is a single click to make it happen.

Jim Burchfield, Senior VP (Sales and Business Development) at ScriptSender shares that

“The automating the traditional and very manual administrative workflows of radiology, the EvoHealth and ScriptSender technologies overcome the boundaries that exist today in expensive HL7 integration costs and inefficient faxing. Leveraging technology in this manner reduces cost, increases efficiency, and improves patient care.”

Clients at EvoHealth’s RIS solution would be now able to add ScriptSender’s one-click integration technology in their plan to improve communication with physicians.