Second Wave of Coronavirus in Wuhan, all Residents are to be Tested AGAIN

Coronavirus pandemic which started from the Wuhan city of China has now reached all countries. Wuhan was the first city to impose social distancing and a complete lockdown while attempting to trace the virus back.  The medical experts observed a decline in the coronavirus cases in Wuhan, a couple of weeks ago. However, the new cases are again in news, opening a new debate on the second wave of coronavirus now.

Millions of people from Wuhan are to be tested for the virus again within a few days. This decision was made after the new cluster cases were reported even during a long 76-day lockdown in the city.

The purpose of this lockdown was to control the viral spread and save more people from getting the virus. The new cases being reported not only show the inefficacy of the lockdown but also indicate the second wave of coronavirus that might start soon.

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Six new coronavirus cases were reported in Wuhan, on last weekend after 35 days of no new cases. None of these six cases came from abroad hence leaves no value to the fact that they might be carrying to back to the city. All these people are local residents and they were here all the time when the lockdown was imposed and followed.

In response to this potential second wave of coronavirus, the local health authorities of Wuhan have decided to start mass testing against coronavirus within the next 10 days. An emergency notice mentioning this new testing policy is all over the media.

These new tests would be nucleic acid tests that would identify the coronavirus with their genetic codes. Such tests are the most accurate against diagnosing the coronavirus even if it is in its early stages. Whether or not the patient’s body has prepared the immune response, this virus would be identified with this nucleic acid test.

This testing decision is being called a “ten-day battle with coronavirus” by the health authorities where nearly 11 million citizens would be tested. If you are unable to imagine how much are these people, compare it with Greece which has its entire national population nearly this much.

This is the first-ever mass scale coronavirus testing and the decision to conduct such tests show that health experts are really concerned about the potential second wave of coronavirus. Just like how Wuhan responded to the initial cases of coronavirus and imposed a lockdown, it is also the first to take preventive measures before the second wave of coronavirus hits it back.

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Only a few days ago, the whole city was out from the 76 days long lockdown which is probably the longest ever among all other countries. The lockdown was eased on April 8 and the locals were allowed to go outside. However, this lockdown lift was partial and many of the businesses were still closed.

The re-emergence of the coronavirus is a huge concern not only for the Chinese government but for all countries. Zhang Yuxin is the chief official of Changqing and he was the first to report the new cases, suspecting that the previous measures probably failed to control the pandemic. Testing the entire city would give a better picture of coronavirus in Wuhan and whether or not it should expect a second wave of coronavirus.