Serbia and Vatican reported their First Coronavirus Cases, First Death in Netherlands

Coronavirus (COVID-19) emerged from Wuhan city of Hubei province China and eventually spread it to more than two dozen countries. While the numerous cases of coronavirus have been reported in the UK, USA, Germany, France, Hong Kong, Iran, and Pakistan, some countries have reported their first case of this Chinese virus. These countries with their first-ever cases of coronavirus include Serbia and the Vatican. While the Netherlands has confirmed first death by coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19).

The first case in Serbia was diagnosed in a man who traveled from Hungary to Serbia. Zlatibor Loncar, the Minister of Health said;

“The first case of coronavirus has been confirmed in Serbia. It is a 43-year-old man from Subotica (north) who recently stayed in Hungary, in Budapest.”

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Right now, this man is kept in quarantine, established at the Subotica hospital and he is given basic treatment. The minister said that his condition is stable and he might get recovered soon. All the people around this coronavirus tested man have been tested for the disease.

He said; “There is no need to panic, you have to behave in accordance with the authorities’ recommendations.”

Coronavirus (COVID-19) has hit more than 90 countries and 98,000 people are still infected. Nearly 3,400 people have lost their lives to the coronavirus. This Friday, Europe reported 5,701 new cases and 161 deaths. 13 of these deaths were in Italy.

The same day, Netherlands has also confirmed its first case and death by the novel coronavirus outbreak. The National Institute for Public Health (RIVM) stated that;

“An 86-year-old man with COVID-19 who was admitted to the Ikazia hospital in Rotterdam has died.”  RIVM further added that  “This is the first patient in the Netherlands to die of the coronavirus,”  With this death, the number of cases in the Netherlands has reached to 82 cases.

The RIVM also stated that; “The man was isolated as soon as it became clear that he had COVID-19.” All people who were in contact with this patient including the health officials and hospital staff members are currently under testing for coronavirus. RIVM explained that; “All those in contact with the patient who is suffering from a cold or has a fever have been asked to remain at home. If necessary, they will be tested.”

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The same day, the Vatican has confirmed its first case of coronavirus in a patient who came with the general symptoms on Thursday. The health services have been temporarily suspended under fear at a local clinic after one of the patients came positive against coronavirus.

This clinic is located inside the city with nearly 1000 residents. The spokesperson, Matteo Bruni told the media that the clinic would be thoroughly cleaned and they will establish an emergency room that would remain open for patients.

This clinic was underuse of priests, residents of the Vatican and employees including the retired ones. Bruni shared that the Vatican is trying to get in touch with all people who have been to this clinic recently to test them all against the coronavirus (COVID-19)