The playground at Lowell Elementary School in Tacoma, Wash., sat empty on Tuesday. According to Tacoma Public Schools, Lowell was closed after someone at the school tested presumptive positive for the novel coronavirus.

Six US states have Closed Schools to Control Coronavirus Spread

Six US states have confirmed ordering the local school to close from Monday. This step is a continuation of precautionary measures to control the fastly spreading coronavirus which has killed more than 4000 people worldwide. There are at least 1,660 confirmed cases in the USA and the number is increasing every day.

These states include “Ohio”, “Michigan”, “Oregon”, “Maryland”, “Kentucky” and “New Mexico” which have closed schools for two weeks. It might cause a problem for low-income families which rely on subsidized school lunch to feed their kids.

The governor of Michigan, Gretchen Whitmer says that this step was necessary to protect all children and families from coronavirus. She said that’s the state is partnering with the educators and parents to ensure that this break doesn’t affect the future of these students. Children who rely on subsidized school meals are also taken care of, she added.

The governor of Kentucky, Andy Beshear has also confirmed schools to be closed for two weeks. The state department declared that 75% of the children in public schools have signed up for the subsidized lunches. The Kentucky state is also working on making this gap period less likely to affect children, especially that are less-privileged.

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The governor of Maryland, Mike Hogan has also announced of shutting down the schools and he has also banned all public gatherings that contain 250 people or more. He says that the only reason this problem is evolving is that we aren’t doing practical measures. He further added that in Maryland, all the restrictions and closures might feel disruptive for the routine life but they would be eventually helpful in making sure that everyone is safe.

The governor of Oregon, Kate Brown also added the state among the list of states which have temporarily shut down the public schools. She said that the state government tried not to close the schools, initially but it seems impossible to run them like nothing has happened while having such issues.

Michelle Lujan Grisham is New Mexico’s governor. She said that all schools in New Mexico would be closed until the first week of April. Ryan Stewart, the education secretary of New Mexico has called this step as a “proactive measure” for controlling the spread of coronavirus and save the community from it.

The state officials announced that; “We have seen other states take this measure after they have experienced community spread of this virus. New Mexico is going to be proactive and do everything we can to prevent the potential spread of the virus.”

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The governor of Ohio, Mike DeWine has also ordered the schools in the state to remain close. This duration is initially announced to be three weeks but could be extended if there is no alternative route found to run the schools and education system. The state government has also banned gathering of 100 people or more in its premises.

DeWine told the press that the state government wants to thank all administrators and educators who are cooperating with the government and providing services even during this time of closure.

Lastly, the Washington state has also closed all schools fearing coronavirus. 31 out of 40 deaths by the coronavirus in the US were recorded in Washington. So the state government is taking extreme measures for controlling the spread of the virus before it takes more lives.




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