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Survey Reports 52% Americans are Unable to Afford Coronavirus Treatment

A survey reports that more than 50% of Americans are not able to afford coronavirus treatment as they are out of savings. Without revealing the financial condition and details, nearly 46% of Americans say that they would think twice before seeking any medical treatment as it is expensive and they might not have enough savings for it. Many of these people are dissatisfied with pricing transparency and 90% of them suggest that all medical prices especially the coronavirus treatment and medication should be made public, like a restaurant menu so that everyone can save for it accordingly.

It is not only the medical costs and bills that are keeping Americans worried but nearly 23% of survey respondents also showed that they might not be able to pay for the mortgage or even utility bills this month. As the pandemic has now affected the whole world, it has severely hit the world economy. 24% of people from this survey reported losing their jobs because of this pandemic. It has put them back into their savings and the unpredicted cost of coronavirus treatment is making them worried.

On asking about health insurance, only 9% of people reported that there they are losing their insurance at this time. Most of the participants were unemployed and nearly 56% of these participants reported that they have no idea about what insurance options are available for them that pay for their loss.

The survey also asked them about available medical facilities during this lockdown when people are advised to maintain social distancing.

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Out of all, 47% of respondents told that they are availing the telemedicine facility during this lockdown period if they need any medical care.

1/3rd of all participants said that their insurance company or doctor is offering online correspondence to them.

However, 85% of them are still clueless that they can buy and avail of any telemedicine health care plan.

The only thing where most of the participants agreed was that every one of them acknowledged the efforts of doctors and medical staff. More than 87% of participants shared that the government should announce some special bonus for the doctors who are working on the frontline during this coronavirus outbreak.

These results were obtained through an online survey which was attended by 1,000 Americans. All of these participants were between 18 to 64 years of age. The survey was conducted between April 3, 2020, to April 7, 2020.

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Coronavirus has taken more than 1,700 lives in the United States alone and this number is increasing day by day. As that of last week, the reported cases crossed, 100,000 worldwide, and approximately half of all coronavirus related deaths were reported within last week. The worst-hit areas are Europe and the United States where most of the deaths were informed.

The Spanish Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez of Spain, said that “The fire started by the pandemic is starting to come under control.” Spain is now experiencing a decline in new cases and the deaths are reduced to 683 from 757 per day as was being reported before.

He told the media that; “Our priority now is not to turn back, especially not to return to our starting point, not to lower our guard.”

U.S. has reported at least 17,000 deaths and more than 460,000 infected cases of coronavirus which is the second-highest after Italy. New York is the epicenter of this pandemic in the US where only 200 people were admitted to the hospitals but overall deaths were reported to be 799, shared Governor Andrew Cuomo.