Coronavirus in Sweden

Sweden Epidemiologist says WHO Made a Mistake by Including the Country in the At-Risk List

Sweden’s top epidemiologist Anders Tegnell has refused to accept the warning given by the World Health Organization (WHO) that included Sweden among the countries at risk of a resurgence of covid19. Although coronavirus in Sweden is under control still its number of deaths is far more as compared to its Nordic neighbors.

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Anders Tegnell, Sweden’s virus expert, said that leaders of the majority of the countries imposed lockdowns in the wrong way. He also said that with these lockdowns’ economic downside will outweigh any benefit. He advised Sweden to not impose full lockdown and think that the world leaders panicked and surrendered to political pressure in this pandemic.

Coronavirus cases in Sweden as of today include confirmed cases of nearly 69000 and 5230 deaths. This number is quite high. However, Sweden has managed to keep its economy intact and also confirmed a little growth in the first quarter.

World Health Organization said that many countries are seeing a rise in the number of cases. 11 of those countries are in Europe.

Dr. Tegnell believes the WHO (World Health Organization) has misinterpreted the data. He said that Sweden is recording a rise in cases because it has increased its total daily testing.

However, according to the WHO (World Health Organization) that the percentage of people testing positive for covid19 is static at about 12-13 % despite more testing. This data indicates that Sweden is still facing an increase in their daily number of cases.

According to the data provided by WHO (World Health Organization), Sweden has confirmed 155 positive cases for every 100,000 people in the past two weeks. This number is much higher than anywhere else in Europe.

Hans Henri Kluge, the Regional Director, said that in eleven countries there is an accelerated transmission of the virus which if remain unchecked will severely affect the countries. These countries include Moldova, Albania, Ukraine, Armenia, Sweden, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, North Macedonia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo, and Azerbaijan.

Coronavirus in Sweden was much different from the rest of the world. The government didn’t impose any lockdown, schools and cafes were open. However, large gatherings were not allowed and people observed social distancing.

Moreover, 5230 deaths out of a population of 10 million is a very high mortality rate as compared to other countries in Europe. On Wednesday Sweden confirmed the highest number of daily cases since the outbreak with 1610 cases being reported.

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Dr. Tegnell complained that the WHO (World Health Organization) didn’t even call Sweden officials to ask. He affirmed that the number of people being admitted at ICUs (intensive care unit) is very low and deaths are going down too. According to some experts, the death rate for Sweden has come back to normal.

WHO (World Health Organization) responded by saying that there are positive trends regarding Coronavirus in Sweden. However, positive cases per 100,000 residents are still relatively high.

Dr. Tegnell said that WHO (World Health Organization) has identified Sweden as a country at-risk at the exact time when European countries were beginning to open their borders.

However, Dr. Tegnell is still adamant that the strategy of not locking down is the right one and thinks it is too early to make a judgment.