Tai Chi to Relieve Coronavirus stress in Home-Ridden People

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Any news on coronavirus lockdown end is no way near which is making the home-ridden people stressed even more. The social distancing and anxiety of being home is a serious mental health concern as the medical experts have warned people about it.

Considering the gyms and fitness centers are closed, there is nowhere to go, the only way to alleviate the stress is by following home-based meditating practices. In this regard, yoga, Tai Chi, and many other activities would help to reduce stress and induce a healthier life.

Berit Østerås is a physiotherapist who teaches at NTNU’s Department of Neuromedicine and Movement Science. He says that there is sufficient data to suggest that exercise and meditating practices have hidden benefits on mental health.

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She also says that any activity which a person does with a conscious presence improves his attention span, cognition, and focus. The body movements, breathing responses, and focus points all make these activities much more effective than any other thing.

In addition to this, activities like Tai Chi gives a person complete control over himself. It helps him decide better and take better decisions. Østerås says that activities like Thai Chi improve concentration and allow a person to be in his best form. This effect is variable in every person for example, in some people, it helps them to achieve more consciousness.

The good news is that Tai Chi doesn’t require any extra effort or equipment. You don’t even need to assign a room for it. You can do it anywhere, indoor or outdoor, alone or with any family member or even with a friend through a video call. So it is practical and easy to do even if someone is home-ridden during this coronavirus lockdown.

For some people, reregulation of the emotions is responsible for causing stress and depression. So it suggests that reducing the stress is also linked with regulating the emotions and the methods to do it might be different for everyone. Some people like more physical activities such as weight lifting but for others, it might be more of emotional balance.

Tai Chi is an ancient technique that is originated thousands of years ago in China. Today its use is more of relaxing exercises where different body moves are performed really slow along with controlled breathing.

It is also called Tai Chuan and unlike other famous Chinese martial arts, it is non-competitive and more of a self-care plan with gentle moves and stretching. Each of its postures completely merges into the next and there is no pause in between. This non-stop movement ensures a constant motion of the body.

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Tai chi is generally low in impact and it doesn’t put pressure or stress on muscle and joints. It is gentler which makes it safe for everyone and even old age people can also do it. when it is performed correctly, Tai Chi has hidden benefits on human health. It reduces stress and prevents anxiety disorders. It also improves mood, boosts energy, enhances body flexibility, and add muscular strength. And it is not hypothetical, there is scientific evidence to prove all these benefits.

Research published in the JAMA Internal Medicine, explains that all participants of this study who were suffering from anxiety along with a chronic disease were able to relieve stress when they opted Tai Chi for three to twelve weeks. the best effects were observed in patients who spent 30 minutes per day doing Tai Chi.

It suggests that people who are unable to do exercise or are stressed because of coronavirus lockdown should try doing Tai Chi, yoga or any similar relaxing exercise to improve their physical and mental health.





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