Nutella biryani
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The Bizarre Nutella Biryani Recipe Goes Viral

When it comes to Indian cuisine, no one can forget the taste and aroma of biryani. Emerged from Iran, it made all the way to India in hundreds of years. Right now there are more than 80 different types of Biryani recipes. But what has shocked the world is the latest ‘Nutella biryani recipe’ which has the set Internet on fire.

Indian sweets like Gulab Jamun, Rosh Gulla, and Kheer have their own special place in international cuisines but having these weird food combinations is the new talk of the town. Be it Gulab jamun pav bhaji or Kurkure milkshake, people are doing everything to kill time during this pandemic. Probably this new Nutella biryani fuss is also a creation of coronavirus lockdown boredom. Otherwise, who thought that these two ingredients can be mixed for one dish?

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Biryani is a nearly 400 years old dish that has its roots in Hyderabad, India. It is a signature dish of this area which is generally called a local dish but it is originally from outside India.

It is somehow close to the ‘pulav’ or ‘pilaff’ an Iranian cuisine which shows that biryani has some links to Iran. The name for ‘biryani’ in Persian is “birinj biriyani” which means fried rice.

Typically, its recipe uses a slow cooking process of marinated meat, seasoning, and rice layers. With the passage of time, this biryani recipe is evolved not just in India but internationally as well.

But the dish has also evolved in India, where it has a colorful and varied history. The street-side serving of Biryani today is somewhat different and comes it multiple variants of biryani. The recipes also differ as to areas. For example, in Malabar biryani of Kerala, the locals use fish or prawns instead of chicken. It is stronger and more aromatic than the Hyderabadi Biryani.

In addition to this, the Dhaka variant of biryani is entirely different but still tasty. However, this new internet sensation Nutella biryani is a brand new form of it. And who could ignore the famous, less spicy Bohri Biryani? However, the new internet sensation Nutella biryani is different and extremely opposite of all variants of traditional biryani recipes.

The biryani serving in five-star hotels even at its native areas in India also use a different recipe. This biryani is less aromatic and spicey as compared to the original recipes. Also, many people believe that the street side food corners of biryani serve more flavorsome and delicious biryani than most hotels.

In any case, the Nutella biryani recipe is somehow a shame for the traditional biryani recipe, according to many people. This new bizarre food combination is getting highly negative popularity on the internet. People are bashing it for destroying the actual taste of biryani but still, it’s the hottest trend on almost all food blogs.

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The photo that is viral on Internet shoes a plate of biryani rice with Nutella all over it. The biryani lovers share this Nutella biryani post as their worst nightmare. Buts still, there are people i.e. Nutella lovers who are calling this recipe ‘innovative’ and ‘unique’.

To this date, this bizarre Nutella biryani recipe has reached 3k shares. But the final answer is still a mystery if it is or it is not a worth trying option.

Would you like to try this bizarre new Nutella biryani recipe?

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