The Network of Medical Cannabis Clinics in the UK Improves the Patients Access to Cannabis

The Network of Medical Cannabis Clinics in the United Kingdom has brought a change in the number of patients who had access to cannabis. These clinics have been recently registered by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and offer their services in seven different areas of the country.

Medical Cannabis Clinics is the largest chain of cannabis clinics at a national level and is growing at a fast rate with a plan to open in more areas in the next few months to meet the increased demands of patients.

Additionally, this network of clinics has formed an alliance with The Academy of Medical Cannabis and different leaders known for medical cannabis education and training. This collaboration has facilitated Medical Cannabis Clinics in having a team of experienced clinicians who are qualified in prescribing cannabis-based medicine.

The release of a YouGov poll this week has shown an evident increase in the demand for medical cannabis. According to its findings, shockingly, almost 1.4 million of the UK population is opting for illegal use of cannabis in an effort to deal with various symptoms and ailments.

Jonathan Nadler is the Managing Director of the LYPHE Group. In one of his statements regarding this matter, he said that legal access to medical cannabis should be provided to patients. But sadly, from the time when cannabis was rescheduled in 2018, both doctors and advocates have been disappointed with the deficit progress.

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The latest guidelines suggested by the National Institute for Health Care and Excellence has infuriated many of these doctors and advocates. According to these guidelines, only Sativex and Epidyolex (cannabis-based drugs) are suggested for use in people who are suffering from multiple sclerosis-associated spasticities or rare forms of childhood-onset epilepsy.

Many individuals, including those who are affected by ailments like chronic pain and fibromyalgia, have been ignored by the medical community and healthcare institutes after this update. Most of the time, this guidance is considered as gospel by health providers who never prescribe medical cannabis without its authorization.

But still, the obligation of healthcare professionals towards their patients can’t be overruled by NICE guidance. Healthcare professionals bear the responsibility of assessing the patient’s condition carefully and choosing the best suitable treatment method.

So, they have claimed their right to choose the most appropriate method of care and treatment for their patients. And now, they are taking back their freedom for making decisions and prescribing effective and high-quality medical cannabis for providing treatment and care process.

It is specifically mentioned in the guidelines that health professionals are anticipated to consider NICE guidance while making clinical decisions once these are published. But in spite of this statement, NICE guidance doesn’t overrule the healthcare providers’ responsibility in making decisions according to the best interest of the patients.

Additionally, Jonathan Nadler stated that healthcare professionals who practice prescribing medical cannabis to qualified patients are quite confident of their knowledge and expertise. Medical Cannabis Clinics are honored of its services provided to the patients in Leeds, Manchester, Newcastle, Birmingham (Solihull), Nottingham, London (Harley Street), and Bristol.