Three US States with Highest Coronavirus Cases Might Need another Lockdown Soon

After the lifting of the lockdown in the US, various states have reported several new cases of the coronavirus infection. According to the latest reports, a spike in cases was noted within a few weeks of easing restrictions imposed for the control of the spread of the coronavirus in the country. At the moment, at least three US states have the highest coronavirus cases post-lockdown.

The restrictions for coronavirus infection were initially imposed in the US as well as elsewhere around the world at the beginning of the year. Research has shown that lockdowns, which closed all educational institutes, businesses, and offices, successfully prevented millions of new cases in all countries.

In addition, they were the primary reason why a number of countries have successfully made progress over the control of coronavirus pandemic. For instance, the government of New Zealand under the leadership of Jacinda Ardern was able to stop coronavirus transmission before any other country.

Currently, coronavirus has almost been fully controlled in New Zealand and the country is all set to be the first one to allow public gatherings and lift limitations on travel following a weeks-long lockdown.

Although some might argue that the country’s distant location gave it a big benefit over the pandemic in comparison to other countries, similar progress would still not have been made if people have not followed preventive measures as seriously while staying in lockdown.

On the other hand, the situation in the US seems to be getting worse with each passing day after the end of the lockdown. Three states including Texas, Florida, and Arizona are particularly the worst-hit and have the highest coronavirus cases.

The state of Arizona had a spike only after three weeks of easing lockdown restrictions.

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Secondly, the situation in Florida is so bad that a woman fifteen of her friends tested positive for coronavirus infection after going out for one night after a three months lockdown.

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However, residents of all states have stated that they have stopped following preventive guidelines for the coronavirus infection after the end of the first lockdown. People are no longer wearing masks or practicing social distancing as seriously as before.

As a consequence, a vast majority fear that there is a high risk of a second lockdown being imposed after the number of new cases goes out of hand. However, according to sources, the governors of the aforementioned states with the highest coronavirus cases have stated otherwise.

The governor of the state of Florida, Ron DeSantis, recently said that there is a second lockdown is not a need and that the state instead needs to move forward in order to keep the country and the economy functional.

Secondly, the governor of Texas, Greg Abbot also shared similar views and specifically said that the government is now well-prepared to control coronavirus transmission and new cases.

On the other hand, health experts have stated their concerns, highlighting that the total number of cases and the death toll may surpass the number recorded prior to the first lockdown. Statistically, there has been an eighty-five percent increase in the coronavirus-related hospitalization after the Memorial day.

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In Arizona, a team of around seven hundred health care workers has warned the governor Doug Ducey about the high number of newly recorded cases and the lack of facilities as well as hospital spaces. They particularly requested the governor the use of face masks in public in order to reduce coronavirus transmission.

However, the governor has, so far, only recommended the use of face masks in public while also saying that the rise coronavirus infection cases are due to the increase in statewide testing.

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The lack of action by state governors has received backlash from health experts, other government officials, and the general public. Many argue that the coronavirus infection spread in the first place due to such negligence at the beginning of the pandemic.