Top Three New Year’s Resolutions To Improve Health in 2021

The year 2020 has been full of challenges and difficulties for all people around the world. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many have lost their jobs, loved ones, and opportunities. However, it has also provided valuable lessons and taught people the importance of spending time with family, taking a break, and prioritizing mental health.

Secondly, the health crisis has also highlighted different flaws in current health, education, and even workplace systems. In the future, this can contribute to the development of better, more sustainable, economic friendly, and inclusive institutions.

While the pandemic continues to accelerate around the world, the end of 2020 is a good time to look back and reflect on all such positive things that came out of the year. At the same time, the negative experiences of the year can be used to make changes and improvements in 2021.

For instance, health problems became much more common during the coronavirus pandemic. Because of the unavailability of medicines, professional help, and limitations to control the virus, many were not able to manage existent health conditions the same way.

In addition, the lockdown restrictions and changes in lifestyles also prompted people to consume unhealthy foods mindlessly, skip exercise, overwork, and not take care of health in general. As a result, weight gain, digestive issues, mental health issues, alcohol abuse, smoking, and drug use all increased in the past year.

All of these issues can affect the quality of life significantly as well as increase the risk of more serious problems including heart disease and diabetes. Therefore, health experts suggest people prioritize health in 2021 and make resolutions related to staying healthy this new year’s eve.

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Previously, many people have made similar resolutions for health including quitting smoking and losing weight. However, 2020 provided opportunities to think and reflect back in a much broader manner.

For example, mental health has been one of the biggest issues in the past year with more than a threefold increase in mental illnesses in young people alone. A number of factors such as economic uncertainty, fear of coronavirus, loneliness, social isolation, and others have contributed to the increase.

As a result, many people will make resolutions on prioritizing mental health and spending time with friends or family. Even though little changes such as these may not seem significant, they can make a big difference.

This is why health experts advise making resolutions such as visiting parents more often or meeting friends frequently.

Another change that is important especially now is developing healthier coping mechanisms. Because of the high stress-levels, many people have resorted to smoking, drug use, fighting, and overeating.

One way of doing so is by adopting a new healthy habit or learning a new skill, such as cooking or baking at home. This may also help in socializing, making new friends, and even improving familial relations that have been strained during stay-at-home orders.

While there is no harm in making bigger and more drastic resolutions associated with health, these changes are equally important. They are also easier to follow-up during coronavirus limitations or any coronavirus lockdowns in the future.

Lastly, do not forget to take coronavirus preventive measures seriously even after getting vaccinated in order to end the ongoing health crisis as soon as possible.

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