the Obamacare act

Trump asks Supreme Court to Abolish Obamacare in the Midst of Corona Virus Pandemic

The US President Trump’s administration has urged the Supreme court of America to abolish the Obamacare act. Millions of Americans got health insurance due to the affordable care act also known as Obamacare. It was introduced by Donald trump’s predecessor Barack Obama which has been classified as nothing less than a political controversy.

Noel Francisco, a government advocate, argued in favor of Trump. According to him, the Affordable care act lost its credibility after then Congress axed some parts of it.

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Trump administration thinks that the scheme is too costly and they will introduce another scheme replacing it. The new plan will cover some elements of its predecessor but will cover fewer people.

Nearly 20 million people in America are enjoying the health care benefits that the Obamacare act provides. If the court nullifies it, they will all feel the effects of it.

Initially, the act implied that millions of people will either face a tax penalty or purchase health insurance. In 2017 however, congress removed the condition of facing a federal fine for those people who did not wish to signup, which they called ‘individual mandate’.

The justice department argued that individual mandate is not capable of being separated from the act so the mandate is unconstitutional.

Ex-Vice President and the democratic challenger to Mr. Trump Joe Biden criticized this move by trump administration saying that it will put millions of American lives at risk and that too during the pandemic.

The Democratic challenger to Mr. Trump has made Trump’s response to covid19 the focus of his campaign. He is consistent with the view that Trump Administration was not ready to take the pandemic head-on.

America is the most affected country with this virus. The total number of cases according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) are nearly 2.4m and deaths are approx. 122k. But the actual number of cases in the US could be much more than reported infect they can be ten times the reported cases.

Approximately 27 million people might have lost their health coverage based on their jobs because they are made redundant, and now they don’t have a backup. People who lost health coverage based on their jobs were given a special signup period under the Obamacare act for subsidized schemes.

According to reports people close to 500k have already signed up because of losing their health coverage based on their jobs.

Trump was critical of the Obamacare act and has been making promises since 2016 that he will replace it with a new plan. The Republicans believe that the affordable care act is intruding with the healthcare market. They believe that the healthcare system is already broken and they will work so that more people gain coverage and disruptions are also minimalized.

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Health care is the top priority for the voters according to surveys. Joe Biden has made it a priority to enhance and protect it if and when he is elected. Health care will be a key aspect for the voters in November’s Presidential elections.

The supreme court of America is likely to hear the case after the November elections. Therefore both the Republicans and The Democrats will make it a key battle for elections.