Mask to Prevent Coronavirus

Trump Says that Americans Hate Wearing a Mask to Prevent Coronavirus

The U.S President Trump is again in news for claiming that Americans hate face masks. For them, wearing a mask to prevent coronavirus infection is not the reason for wearing it. They wear it to tell that they disapprove of wearing it in public and they hate it.

This new statement by the American President is quite contrary to the recommendations shared by the Centres for Diseases Control and Prevention (CDC). As to CDC, wearing a mask is one of the biggest tools to prevent catching the deadly virus which has infected millions of people worldwide.

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Trump says that it is observant from their gestures that they disapprove of wearing it. They take it off from their faces and touch their nose, mouth, and eyes after it. And still, when they end up at a hospital, they ask, how did they get coronavirus?

Trump shared this during his recent interview with The Wall Street Journal.

CDC has warned all public to wear any type of face mask even the cloth mask to prevent catching the infection. In addition to this, it has recommended the following social distancing by avoiding large gatherings and standing close to the people in public.

Medical experts warn that coronavirus has a high community-based transmission rate. Still, people are not using a face mask to prevent coronavirus.

President Trump who is often in public without a face mask finds these public opinions disturbing. Him condemning this face mask issue while he didn’t wear it during his visit to Ford’s plant in Michigan are quite opposite to each other.

Upon asking him this same question, he said that he was wearing a face mask to prevent coronavirus. It’s just that he didn’t want media to see it so he removed it. before this visit, two weeks ago Trump was also spotted not wearing a mask during a tour of Arizona Honeywell plant.

Despite the public anger and opposition, the CDC still recommends using a face mask to prevent coronavirus. It is not just for individual safety but also saves other people from catching the virus.

Trump, on the other side, says that the US is doing good in managing coronavirus cases. However, there are numerous new cases reported in multiple US states. Coronavirus is a relatively new virus that has no previous information, medicine, or vaccine available.

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The only way to prevent catching the disease is by following the general recommendations. People who are old, feeble, or have an underlying medical condition are at a higher risk. CDC shares that coronavirus is deadly for people 65 years of age or over it.

As to medical conditions; those who have lungs, heart, genetic diseases, obesity, or diabetes are at a significantly higher risk. The coronavirus cases in the US have crossed 2 million, out of which, more than one million have lost their lives.

Social distancing and wearing a mask to prevent coronavirus are things that could help in viral transmission. People have to make sure of following these recommendations for their own safety. Whether or not how wearing a mask feels like, it is still necessary to wear one.