coronavirus cases in the US

Trumps Suggests to Stop Coronavirus Testing in America for Reducing Cases

The coronavirus cases in the US are increasing every day and the situation is worse with the ease of shutdown across the country. The economy shattered under the pandemic and many people lost their jobs. But ever since the government announced to reopen the states, coronavirus cases are also increasing.

Recently, President Donald Trump attended a roundtable event in which he addressed the coronavirus situation. He said that the coronavirus cases in the US will reduce if they stopped testing for the virus. Trump also suggested stopping contact tracing of coronavirus patients.

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Previously Trump gave the same remark on coronavirus testing at an occasion. He said the media is maligning their image by reporting the highest coronavirus cases. They have the highest cases of coronavirus in the country because they are doing the highest number of tests. He said that we should reduce our testing during a conversation with Governor Kim Reynolds of Iowa.

Trump also said that the media is reporting there are more COVID cases in America than any other country. Also, the cases exceeded coronavirus cases in China. He said that these statements are not true since America is doing more tests than any other country.

Trump commented on the spike in coronavirus cases in many states of the US. The cases surged after the government announced ease in the lockdown. Many states relaxed the preventive guidelines and social distancing in public places.

Johns Hopkins University provided the data for coronavirus cases in the US. Currently, there are 2.1 million cases of coronavirus in the country. Also, the number of fatalities due to this infection reached 116,000.

Initially, the prominent states including New York, California, and Washington were leading in the number of cases. Later, the state governments implemented a strict lockdown policy and shut down most of the businesses. Also, the government ordered the non-essential workers to work from home.

This led to a significant reduction in the number of coronavirus cases in these states. Also, there were fewer fatalities and hospitalization after the lockdown. This shows that the shutdown helped reduce the impact of the coronavirus on these states.

Since these states eased the shutdown and the businesses are reopening gradually, the cases will surge again. The experts predicted that the number of cases will increase as the people will come out of their homes again.

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The cases of coronavirus will also surge due to the Black Lives Matter protests all over the country. The countrywide protests are going on against the killing of George Floyd. People are protesting against the brutality of the police and systemic racism in the country.

An increase in coronavirus infections is seen within the past 15 days. The deputy director of the Rural Health Research Center at the University of Minnesota, Carrie Henning-Smith said that the rural communities will be more affected due to coronavirus. If the coronavirus cases surge again, the rural areas will hit hardest.

These communities usually have more older people with less economic growth. These people also have more underlying health conditions with less health care facilities. Hence, these people will suffer more due to spike in coronavirus cases in the US.