Vaccinated People Do Not Need to Self-Isolate After Exposure to Coronavirus

Coronavirus vaccinations which are being administered for the past two months, including Pfizer and Moderna, have been found to be more than ninety percent effective in preventing the infection. Therefore, scientists state that people who have received both doses of either of the vaccines have maximum protection from the virus.

Now, the U.S. Centres for Disease Control and Prevention has also added that vaccinated people may no longer need to self-isolate or quarantine after exposure to coronavirus as there are very little chances of actually developing the infection.

The guidelines, which have been released recently, state that the advantages of skipping the quarantine period outweigh the possibility of transmission of the virus. Though there is still ongoing research on the vaccines’ effectiveness on coronavirus spread, preliminary research has given promising results.

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However, the CDC has also set specific criteria for people who do not need to self-isolate after potential exposure to the virus. For instance, the primary requirement for skipping quarantine is simply getting fully vaccinated.

This refers to the people who have received both doses of the coronavirus vaccine. In addition to getting both doses, waiting for a specific period is also required as the immune response can take time.

According to the present research, people who receive both doses of the Moderna vaccine are ninety-four percent protected from the virus after two weeks. On the other hand, those who get the Pfizer vaccine are ninety-five percent protect after one week.

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Ideally, a person should wait at least three to four weeks after receiving the final dosage of either of the vaccine. After the period has passed, quarantine is no longer needed.

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Since the vaccines provide maximum protection, developing symptoms of the infection is unlikely.

In case there are signs of the infection, getting immediate medical help is compulsory as there is a chance the virus may have been contracted before receiving the second dose or right after it.

While quarantine may be optional for vaccinated people, taking other coronavirus precautions is still important.

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The CDC does not recommend planning gatherings and events even after getting the coronavirus vaccine as it can contribute to spreading among other people who have not received the vaccination.

The vaccine is currently only available to groups that are at a high risk of developing severe coronavirus infection. The distribution speed is expected to increase over time but normal people may need to wait for months until the vaccination is available to them.

During this period, all people need to act responsibly including those who have received the vaccine and are protected from the virus. Along with protecting themselves, people also need to think of their family members, relatives, and the wider community.

Getting a vaccine does not mean that a person no longer needs to follow any of the guidelines for coronavirus infection. Quarantine may no longer be needed for certain people but all are still required to avoid public spaces, maintain physical distance, and wear a mask.