Warning-Smart Phone Addiction is REAL!

A recent study suggests that constant use of smartphones can physically affect your brain. People may have an addiction to smartphones just like as they become addicted to drugs. From the works through emails to the cashless business, this modern era is fully dependent on smartphones.

The new study reveals that the overuse of cell-phone can lead to serious mental issues. This increases the risk of many mental diseases among people. It’s become difficult to reduce the usage of smartphones as its addiction increases among the generation of this world with each coming day.

Now the society showed that it is necessary, or it becomes the part of nature for everyone to hold any device like a smartphone or cellphone in hands all the time.   Many people in the world conduct their whole business through the phone. They do all their social work without putting the phone down and use it for everything that comes in their way.

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As the usage of a smartphone becomes prevalent in the world day by day so scientists are trying to conduct such studies that will reveal the reasons or causes which make people addicted to smartphones. Also, they want to know the type of effect that a person has in their life due to the overuse of the phone. It takes a little bit to find the notions through research and analysis that how usage of the smartphone all the time produces adverse effects in one’s life.

The study is published in the journal Addictive Behaviors. The study reveals that there is part of the brain called grey matter, scientists observed that people with the addiction of social media show some alternations in the shape and size of the grey matter.

Grey matter in the brain controls many physiological functions of the body that includes emotions, vision, hearing, speech, cognition and self-control behavior. Scientists said that some studies showed that these changes in the grey matter were also seen among the people who have an addiction to drugs.

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Researchers of Heidelberg University in Germany read the study and said that the study used the questionnaire that includes the questions related to the harmlessness of using smartphones among the persons who may be at the greater risk of developing smartphones-related addictive behaviors.

Phone addicts may suffer from mental issues like depression, lack of social skills, a type of obsessive-compulsive disorder, failure to release melatonin, lack of sleep and insomnia, display poor daily performances, show shrinkage in the brain. People also feel difficulty in distinguishing the wants verse needs and they become less goal-oriented.

It is estimated that in the United States 24 percentage of the kids having age from 8 to 12 years have their smartphones. 67 percent of younger teenagers use smartphones just for entertainment on an average of six hours per day.

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According to Rescue Time survey, on an average American spends four hours on the smartphone from the whole day and it increases the risk of many mental issues in the people.

There are companies like Android and Apple that facilitate users with some useful features for managing their screen time to avoid the overuse of smartphones. Apps like Freedom and Moment are helping smartphone junkies to block access for certain websites and apps that reduce the screen time in people.


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