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Wearing mask During Sex is Necessary in this Pandemic

Researchers from Harvard are warning people that sex could also be a factor in the transmission of coronavirus. As to them, people should be careful even during their intimate moments. Wearing a mask is one of the general recommendations by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). However, now experts are warning to wear masks during sex to prevent coronavirus as well.

This mask-wearing is one of the many preventive steps that people should follow this time. As the UK is right now in the 10th consecutive week of coronavirus lockdown, being at home is getting boring.

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It is causing people to spend more time with their families and even the couples are spending more time with each other. This new study warns about the dangers of careless sex during this coronavirus pandemic. It suggests that couples should wear a mask during sex until the pandemic ends.

This new study is published in the Annals of Internal Medicine.

Using a mask inside the bedroom means no kissing, smooching, or another intimate oral sex act. Mask would be a problem in all these sessions which is why the only intimate contact during coronavirus pandemic is intercourse.

The researchers analyzed different types of sexual preferences and scenarios as per the risk of coronavirus. In general, masturbation had the least risk of coronavirus involved. But sex with people inside the house and with visitors from a different house is a highly risky thing to do during a pandemic.

While it is not possible for people to be completely isolated from the world, the following precautions are the only way to survive in this pandemic.

In addition to this, doing sex with people who are with them in this quarantine period is by far the safest approach. The problem arises when any one person in a couple is a visitor from another house.

When a person comes from a different house to visit his partner, a risk of coronavirus exposure remains with him. Not just the COVID-19 but the risk of other sexual diseases during this quarantine still continue. Also, the use of contraception should also be the first priority if the couple doesn’t want a pregnancy.

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This study is published right after a medical expert warned all coronavirus recovered patients to avoid sex for a month. It is to protect their partners from getting the infection. And this new study adds up to the significance of sexual health during this coronavirus pandemic.

Some medical experts even warn about kissing your partner. Even after recovery, coronavirus patients should use condoms for safe sex. Using masks during sex and a condom would both be helpful to reduce the risk of getting coronavirus. Kissing in particular has more risk as it directly spreads the virus via the oral route.

Some previous researches have shown that coronavirus could live in the semen of the coronavirus affected patients. However, there is no study to tell that how many days would it last in semen. In any case, it is better to practice safe sex during this coronavirus lockdown period.

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