CBD for Menopause
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What are the Effects of CBD on Menopause Symptoms?

The internet is full of the benefits and dangers of CBD that are often presented side by side. But in between all this, no one should forget the medicinal effects of CBD, especially on women’s health. There is a whole new debate on the safety levels of CBD products for menopausal women. The experts are still working on it but there are so many CBD infused products such as bath salts, lubricants, and vagina suppositories for dryness that people are buying.

Menopause is a difficult stage of every women’s life where her body shows many uncomfortable symptoms and eventually it changes their mood. There are so many products available to ease the symptoms of menopause. Some women take supplements, some go for hormone replacement therapy while a large number of the population relies on conventional remedies, and using CBD for menopause is one of them.

But it is hard to determine if these CBD infused products are safe or not; whether they would ease the menopausal symptoms or not.

Dr. JoAnn V. Pinkerton teaches at the University of Virginia, he says that using CBD for menopause is still an unproven remedy because despite these products being available so easily, there are no clinical trials and safety tests conducted for them. So everyone who is buying these products must know that these CBD infused products are not the first line of treatment for menopause symptoms.

Many medical experts acknowledge the medicinal benefits of CBD but still, it is hard to say that it is completely safe to use. Cannabis or marijuana is a common plant that has certain phytochemicals inside that are well-known for their psychoactive effects. These phytochemicals include tetrahydrocannabinol THC and Cannabidiol (CBD).

THC gives the cannabis plant its traditional “high” effects while CBD is not as psychoactive and doesn’t cause intoxication. This is why CBD-infused products do not make their users high or intoxicated.

There is so much research on CBD oil to show benefits on a number of medical conditions such as epilepsy, pain relief, and addiction treatment. But the information on the benefits of CBD in menopause symptoms is limited.

But there is research-based evidence that suggests the effects of CBD on inflammation and pain. while many women have used these CBD infused products to relieve menopausal symptoms and they are quite happy with their results.

The researchers from the University at Albany collected data on menopausal and postmenopausal women that have used these CBD products to relieve their symptoms within the previous year. The results indicated that a majority of women were satisfied with their experience but these CBD products didn’t relieve “all” symptoms of menopause.

Women shared their most uncomfortable symptoms as muscle pain, irritability, sleeping irregularities, stress, vaginal dryness, bladder problems, etc. using CBD products has relieved many of these problems so CBD does have physiological and psychological benefits on the women.

THC and CBD both are natural anti-inflammatory agents. They ease muscular pain and relieve stress-related disorders. This way they improve the mood and prevents agitation and behavioral changes. Due to its calming effect, the user feels more relaxed and it even regulates the sleeping cycle.

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But even after all these proven benefits, there is not much to predict if CBD infused products are 100% safe for women. Despite the benefits of CBD for menopause, there remain some risks associated with them.

For example, a study on investigating the effects of CBD on epilepsy revealed that many patients experienced worse side effects of it in the form of reduced appetite, abdominal discomfort, diarrhea, and insomnia. Some of them also showed liver problems.

Also, there is a high chance of CBD interacting with other medicines that a user might be taking; for example anti-depressants and sleeping pills. This gap in the regularity of the CBD-infused products would always remain a big safety concern and could only be solved with safety tests of these products.

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