Which Celebrities are Diagnosed with Coronavirus?

Coronavirus outbreak is real and it is affecting more and more people every day. These victims of coronavirus are mostly the common people, but even celebrities are not escaped from this deadly infection. The list of coronavirus positive people also includes many celebrities and well-known names for media.

Here is a list of all famous people who are diagnosed with coronavirus (COVID-19) to this date.

Peter Dutton ( Australian Home Minister)

Peter Dutton, the Australian Home Affairs Minister was diagnosed positive for coronavirus on 13th March. In his statement he shared waking up to what he considered is just a “sore throat”.  Assumptions say that Dutton was infected during his recent trip to the US meeting Ivanka Trump and other senior officials in White House. This raises a concern that all of these people who he met must also be tested for the virus, as they may also be infected.

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Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson (American Actors)

Tom Hanks and his wife are also diagnosed with coronavirus as he confirmed on March 12th. The couple was shooting for an upcoming movie in Australia while they were spotted at various public locations, suggesting the infection transmitted from a fan. Both of them are currently receiving treatment in Gold Coast hospital.

Sophie Gregoire Trudeau (Canadian First Lady)

On March 12th, Sophie Gregoire Trudeau, wife of Prime Minister Trudeau is also confirmed positive for coronavirus. The official statement said that she is receiving treatment in isolation. The report also declared that the Prime Minister is in perfect health and not exhibiting any sign of the virus. However, as a precaution, the doctors have advised him to be isolated for two weeks as well.

The office of Prime Minister confirmed that the PM is self-monitoring his condition while continuing the routine activities of the day.

 Mikel Arteta ( Manager of Arsenal)

The manager, Mikel Arteta is also diagnosed with the coronavirus on 12th March. Upon this news, Arsenal has temporarily closed its training session and all staff members and players are to be tested for the coronavirus.

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Daniele Rugani (Soccer Player of Italy)

The famous soccer club of Italy, “Juventus” has announced that one of its players is also infected with the coronavirus. This player is the national-level defender, Daniele Rugani who was diagnosed on 11th March although he didn’t exhibit any symptoms. Rugani and everyone close to him is being tested and isolated. All sports activities are temporarily suspended till 3rd April.

 Rudy Gobert and Donovan Mitchell (Basketball players from France)

The french sportsman has also tested positive for coronavirus on March 12th. Another player, Donovan Mitchell was also confirmed with this infection on the same day. Both these cases have led to the suspension of all basketball matches in the country.

 Nadine Dorries (Junior Health Minister of UK)

Nadine Dorries is tested positive on March 10th suggesting everyone who has been close to her to get tested too.

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