Which US State Has the Lowest Number of Coronavirus Cases?

At the moment, the United States has the highest number of coronavirus cases in the world with a death toll that increases day by day. Regardless of the lockdown restrictions, the country has continued to face problems with reducing the spread of the infection and nearly all states are experiencing outbreaks right now. However, the city of San Francisco currently has the fewest number of cases in comparison along with the lowest mortality rates.

Health experts are now using the city as an example to emphasize the need for following coronavirus preventive measures but how did San Francisco control the growing number of cases when the virus was prevalent in the rest of the country?

The answer is simple. San Francisco was among the very few cities which imposed restrictions and urged its residents to follow guidelines for prevention during the very early stages of the start of the coronavirus pandemic in the US.

In fact, the city began spreading awareness about the dangers of the coronavirus and how it spreads at the time the US had only a little over fifty confirmed cases. The Mayor of the city, London Breed, also prepared San Francisco in accordance with the instructions from health experts for tackling an incoming health crisis.

Not only was San Francisco the first to develop a plan and secure resources to accommodate any cases of coronavirus in the US but also the first one to introduce lockdown and coronavirus related restrictions in early March when other cities and states were still in the midst of consideration of a lockdown.

These early actions by the city are primarily responsible for its control over the health crisis. According to a report by the Coronavirus Command Center and Department of Health of San Francisco, the city currently has the lowest mortality rates along with the number of active infections.

In addition, the city has continued to actively monitor the progress of the pandemic in order to take into account the conditions of the crisis and for the introduction of any new policies for testing or controlling the transmission of the virus.

Health experts have also urged people to take note of how the city is also not choosing to lift restrictions as fast as other cities. Till now, it has not completely eradicated all of its policies for controlling the coronavirus and only plans to do so very gradually and not all at once.

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San Francisco’s management of the coronavirus health crisis which has also prevented new cases of coronavirus in the country is an example of how to prepare and handle a potential health pandemic. Right now, it may be too late for other cities to follow the steps of San Francisco and set up specific departments for bringing down the death toll and transmission rates.

However, for the future, San Francisco can be used as an example to develop and tackle any breakouts in order to avoid the problem from becoming as worse as it is right now in the US.