WHO Suspects That Coronavirus is NOT a New Thing

The World Health Organization (WHO) has shared a suspicion that coronavirus is not something new. In fact, it has been around us for months but it wasn’t infecting anyone until December 2019 when this virus emerged as an epidemic. This narrative was a part of an appreciation statement, on how China is taking all measures to control the coronavirus spread.

Bruce Aylward is leading the WHO-China combined mission to control coronavirus spread. He appreciates the commitment and strategy of the Chinese health ministry to control coronavirus outbreak. He said;

“The single biggest lesson is speed. Speed is everything and what worries me most is, has the rest of the world learned the lesson of speed?” Aylward said at a press conference presenting the mission’s findings.” He further added that’ “We have outbreaks in multiple countries right now, increasing at exponential growth rates.”

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China has put the whole city of Wuhan under quarantine as well as some other cities where the infected cases were reported high. To this day, coronavirus has killed 2,600 people and nearly 77,000 people are infected with it. It has spread to new destinations in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia within two months of its first emergence.

The numbers of coronavirus cases are increasing day by day which initially raised many questions on the Chinese healthcare system and the role of the crisis management team. Many international bodies assumed China wouldn’t be able to cope up with this public health problem all alone and needs international professional support. The growing number of cases also raised concerns on the local bodies for their case reporting and diagnostics.

Aylward says that there were big challenges for China, as the stats show but fortunately, it has made out from it.

However, he called on Chinese authorities on their decisions to put travel bans, public places restrictions, and shutdown of cities.

“Obviously they want to get society back to a more normal semblance of what probably is the new normal because this virus maybe around for months,” he says.

 Liang Wannian, a National Health Commission (NHC) official finds that Wuhan is still suffering from a “grim” situation.  Aylward has appreciated the success to control coronavirus spread as it got too complex for the Chinese government to control it when it first emerged. He said;

“Thinking you’ve beaten this virus is the single biggest risk. As we dug into and came to understand the knowledge, the tools, the capacities they had built in China, it’s again our conclusion that this was the right thing to be doing.”

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The cases of coronavirus have spread to many other countries of the world within the last month. The recent names to this list include Iran, Israel, Oman, and South Korea. The deaths caused by coronavirus are also increasing day by day and Afghanistan, Bahrain and Kuwait have confirmed their first cases of coronavirus within this month.

Bahrain has reported one case of it where a citizen arrived back to the country from Iran and was confirmed with coronavirus. Meanwhile, there are three reported cases in Kuwait that have raised alarms in the country.

The legislative committee of China has proposed a complete ban on all trade and consumption that involve wild animals for some time. They think it would help to control the deadly viral spread in the country. However, there is no decision made on this proposal yet.