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Woman Dies After Reportedly Using XL Gold Poppers

Recently, a woman has passed away after drinking an entire bottle of commonly used room odorizer known as XL Gold poppers. Poppers are sold legally for various purposes including cleaning, desensitization, and as a room odorizer.

In addition, poppers are also used as a sex stimulant. However, in the reported case of the woman who died due to consuming XL Gold, the police say that the purpose of use was to get ‘high’. Each bottle of XL Gold poppers contains isopropyl nitrate, which is a drug that can give a person an ‘instant high’ upon being inhaled.

Even though poppers are marketed with the warning of not suitable for consumption, they have been used by a number of people for isopropyl nitrate before as well. The woman in the new case had bought the bottle from Party Time off-license in Arbroath in Angus.

After tracking the shop of purchase, the police are asking Agnus County to examine the shop’s license. The review application from the police states that a man had bought two bottles of XL Gold from the shop, one of which he kept himself. The other bottle was given to the woman who drank it later and died.

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Consequently, a licensing officer examined the shop and talked to the shopowner, Mohammed Naseem on the third of July. In accordance with the report from the officer, the license holder, Naseem was aware of the primary purpose of XL Gold poppers and had been selling them for at least a year.

During the visit, bottles of XL Gold were put along with alcohol on the shelf which led to the officer asking Naseem if they had been sold as a type of alcoholic drink.

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However, Naseem refused, saying he and other shopworkers always knew that the product was mainly for cleaning or odorizing purposes.

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Nassem further added that the bottles of XL Gold are usually not displayed and put away in separate boxes. The display of the bottles in the alcohol shelf may have caused confusion but each bottle clearly states it is not for consumption.

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Even if the setting of the bottles confused people, they can clearly understand consuming the product can lead to dangerous consequences on the health merely by reading the instructions or even looking at the bottle which has a danger bones and skull sign on it.

Naseem’s lawyer and a licensing specialist, Janet Hood said further details of the case cannot be disclosed until the board meeting is held. She further added that the product was sold legally in Naseem’s shop and clearly states it is not for consumption.

Therefore, even though the case of the woman was unfortunate, a shopowner cannot be blamed for the event. In addition, there are many other products that are multi-purpose and used by the majority such as bleach, desensitizing liquids, shampoos, and soaps but none of them should be consumed.

If a person decides to ignore the warning and consume XL Gold poppers or any other similar product, the sellers cannot be held responsible for the consequences.