Wuhan Central Hospital Announced the Death of Doctor Who Alerted for Coronavirus

Wuhan Central Hospital reveals that the Chinese doctor who sounded an alarm for Coronavirus before it was officially reported has died due to this novel Coronavirus infection. In spite of many attempts for his resuscitation doctor Li Wenliang (ophthalmologist), 34 years of age, was declared dead in the early hours (local time) on February 07, 2020.

On December 30, almost two weeks before the official announcement was made about Coronavirus, he warned the Chinese people about ‘SARS at a Wuhan seafood market‘ through social media. At that time, he was blamed for circulating fake news and was criticized by the police.

The Wuhan Central hospital has also posted about the death of the Chinese Dr. Li Wenliang on its official Weibo account. The hospital staff has also expressed their sincere condolences on his death. Dr. Li got ill during his fight against this deadly Coronavirus outbreak and he wasn’t saved in spite of all the efforts made to resuscitate him.

His death was reported this Friday at 02:58 a.m. According to the recent WHO report, the cases of this coronavirus outbreak and deaths resulted from it have surpassed that of the SARS outbreak in China (2002 – 2003).

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The reports state that the figure for infected people has crossed 28,000 with the death toll of approximately 600. The majority of these infected individuals are in China, with almost 200 individuals belonging to other countries.

Almost 25 cases of this deadly infection have been reported in Thailand, 12 in the U.S.A, 5 in the U.A.E, and 2 in the U.K. The Chinese newspaper, Global Times, reported the death of Dr. Li at 09:30 p.m. (local time).

Around tens of thousands of comments were posted on this update, but later Global Times removed this news for unstated conditions. On its official account on Twitter, the World Health Organization (WHO) stated that they are disheartened with the news of the death of Dr. Li Wenliang. The WHO added that every one of us needs to appreciate Dr. Li’s work on 2019nCoV.

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This novel Coronavirus infection can be transmitted to other individuals by saliva or touching objects that are contaminated with this deadly virus. The Chinese scientists have also stated their suspicion regarding feces as a possible source of this infection. But, right now, there isn’t any proof available regarding this matter.

This Thursday, China got successful in establishing a second new hospital with a bed capacity of approximately 1600. This hospital will help Chinese authorities in treating and isolating the patients who are influenced by this Wuhan-originated Coronavirus outbreak.

Antivirals and some other drugs may lead to a reduction in disease severity. But, up till now, no antiviral drug has been found to be efficient for treating the infection caused by this novel Coronavirus.

The people are recommended to wash hands frequently, specifically after having direct contact with infected individuals. Moreover, they are also asked to avoid any exposure to the people showing signs of acute respiratory infections for preventing this disease from spreading.