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Coronavirus in The US: 150+ Medic in Favour of a Lockdown

The United States of America has now exceeded 4 million coronavirus cases since the start of the pandemic with more than 1000 Americans dying on a single day. One million of these cases were confirmed during the last two weeks. This rise in the daily rate of hospitalizations and cases of coronavirus in the US suggests that the virus is not under control and now medical experts in the country urge the political leaders to shut the country down again to control the pandemic.

As the numbers keep on increasing and with at least 4,038,748 covid19 cases and 144,304 deaths, more than 150 US scientists, nurses, medical experts, teachers, and others have written a letter to the Trump administration, state governors and members of the congress of the country urging them to stop the reopenings to contain the pandemic.

The letter said that right now the US is on track to lose more than 200,000 lives by the start of November but still in many states people can get a haircut, get a tattoo, drink in bars, eat inside a restaurant, and do other non-essential activities. They further added that the best thing for the nation is not to reopen soon to save as many lives as possible. The Centers for Disease and Control (CDC) statisticians said that covid19 is set to become the top cause of death in the US.

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Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft, said that the rate of infection of Coronavirus in the US is very troubling as in the summer when the temperatures are warmer and people prefer to stay outside more, the infection rates should be easier to control than in the winter and therefore it’s a very tough situation.

For the fourth day in a row, Los Angeles County confirmed more than 2000 coronavirus cases, also the states of New Mexico, Missouri, and Hawaii all reported a new daily record of confirmed coronavirus cases. Jay Inslee, Washington Governor, announced that the restrictions will be tightened by the state on bars, movie theatres, funerals, restaurants, fitness centers, and weddings. He further added that if the virus is allowed to take even more control, it will have a more devastating impact on the health and economy of the country and certainly on the lives of the citizens of the United States.

The recent surge of coronavirus in the US has started the debate on how to move forward with the new school year. The governor of New Mexico Michelle Lujan Grisham announced on Thursday that the state will delay in-person learning as the cases surge. However, governor of Tennessee Bill lee said that the state will announce its plans to reopen schools on Tuesday.

Lee further added that kids need to be in the school as they are suffering emotionally, mentally, and academically and also some families need their children to be at the schools so that they can continue their work. He believes that there are a lot of reasons the schools should reopen but the state needs to do it in a way that can protect teachers and students at the same time.

New Guidelines issued by CDC strongly favor the reopening of schools as according to them the available evidence shows that coronavirus is not as dangerous of a risk for children. CDC further believes that with the quality of services and instructions offered in school, virtual learning can be a disadvantage to the US students. CDC also believes that virtual learning can lead to learning loss as the students with heightened behavioral needs require in-person instructions.

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