How Your Small Meeting May Turn Into a Coronavirus Outbreak

Since the past month, the US is experiencing multiple coronavirus outbreaks even in the states which had controlled transmission rates to an extent. While there are multiple factors involved, health experts are saying that the shift in focus to the upcoming presidential elections in November plays a big role.

While it is important to engage in political debates, it should also be noted that the increase in supposedly ‘small meet-ups’ recently can contribute to coronavirus spread significantly. Due to the election season, many people are meeting their friends and family frequently for discussing the potential presidential elections and because it has now become much common.

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The increase in such meetings combined with coronavirus fatigue, which refers to people neglecting coronavirus safety guidelines intentionally and the holiday season festivities are bound to make the situation of the health crisis in the country even worse in a few weeks.

The US currently has over six million confirmed infections with a rapidly increasing mortality rate. If people continue to meet on different occasions either for celebration or for discussion, the pandemic is likely to lead to an even higher number of negative health outcomes, especially with a strained healthcare system.

According to health care experts, along with the increase in frequency, the fundamental problem is that people are simply not following even the most basic instructions for the prevention of coronavirus such as wearing a mask or staying six feet apart.

Even though the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention has uploaded guidelines not only for attending but also for arranging an event safely during the coronavirus pandemic, the majority of the gatherings no longer impose rules as strictly as they did before.

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This may pave the way for a surge in coronavirus cases even after the end of this year’s holiday season, which may not be controlled for several more months or even the next whole year.

Some people may argue that positive results from vaccine trials may hint at a possible launch in the market in the coming months, which can help in ending the pandemic but scientists have highlighted several other concerns that may arise even after a vaccination has been made.

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For instance, the shipment and storage of the vaccine across the world as well as its distribution in both urban and rural areas are big challenges that may take a lot of time to overcome. It should also be noted that other factors may also add to these difficulties including the rise of the ‘anti-vaccination’ movement or ‘anti-vaxxers’.

People who support the anti-vaccination movement believe that vaccines do not offer any benefits but instead can cause health issues such as autism, which is why they refuse to get themselves or their children vaccinated.

By doing so, not only are these people putting their health at risk but it can also impact other people in their family and community. In the US, this has been becoming a problem for the past few years and is also likely to affect the distribution of coronavirus vaccines.

In order to cut down the challenges and time span of the pandemic, it is, therefore, necessary to follow all coronavirus guidelines and avoid meet-ups particularly at the moment when cases are rising all over the country and around the world.

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