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Sixteen Women in Florida Diagnosed with Coronavirus In a Single Day

With the reopening of states after the end of the lockdown in the US, there has been an increase in new cases.

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In fact, many experts have stated that specific states, such as Arizona may have to re-impose a second coronavirus lockdown since transmission rates have been seen to as high as they were prior to the implementation of restrictions for the virus control.

In fact, the aforementioned state of Arizona has had several new cases only in a span of three weeks after lifting the lockdown. Though the residents of Arizona had initially strictly followed the official guidelines for the prevention of the coronavirus, more and more people were seen to abandon the measures after the restrictions ended.

Many people are generally not taking the virus as seriously as they did before as they assume that the coronavirus transmission has reduced. The virus has indeed been controlled but this applies to very few states.

For instance, New York, which was one of the worst-hit around the world, does not have as many cases as before. However, the vast majority remains largely susceptible to the coronavirus. The end of lockdown certainly does not mean that the pandemic has come to an end.

New Zealand, which had become the first country to declare zero active and new cases of coronavirus in the past few days has also had two new diagnoses. The country is still urging people to take extra precautions to reduce coronavirus transmission.

So far, New Zealand’s response to the coronavirus pandemic has been deemed as the most prompt and effective. The credit for it goes partly to the government and the Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and partly to the country’s geographical positioning.

Despite the two new cases, the virus is still significantly controlled in New Zealand. In comparison, the US is far behind and the US government has received backlash for lack of effective measures and quick response to the health crisis.

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Many argue that the country was not even ready to come out of lockdown since the virus had not been as controlled as it was in New Zealand. Now, people are not even following preventive measures like they were before. This has raised the concern for a second coronavirus lockdown after the second wave of coronavirus.

Recently, a woman and sixteen of her friends have been diagnosed with the coronavirus in the state of Florida, which has recently lifted its coronavirus restrictions.

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The woman, Erika Crisp, stated that she and all of her friends had followed the guidelines for the prevention of coronavirus transmission including wearing masks, social distancing, and staying home.

After staying at home for three months and at the end of the lockdown, the women had decided to go out one night to the bar at the start of the month.

Crisp admits that she and her friends had been careless to an extent and had not worn masks in a crowded public place. The woman and her friends had visited Lynch’s Irish Pub at the beginning of June. Currently, the pub has shut down voluntarily after seven of the employees were also diagnosed with coronavirus infection.

In addition, twenty other people who had learned Crisp had caught the infection from the bar had also contacted her to tell they had contracted the virus as well.

Crisp specifically stated that she and her friends only visited the bar and no other place as well as encouraged people to be more careful now than ever. If the virus can affect that many people in a single place on a single night, it can spread all over the country and pave the way for the second wave of coronavirus in a short span of time.