Top Health Expert Believes that the US Coronavirus is Entering its Darkest Period

Michael Osterholm, from the Centers for Infectious Disease and Policy at the University of Minnesota, says that the coming 3 to 4 months will be the darkest period of this pandemic. The experts believe that the surge predicted for the fall season is here, as more than 55,000 cases are being reported in the country on a daily basis, and that the worst is yet to come in the coming months for the US coronavirus.

US coronavirus is increasing rapidly with an increasing number of cases in not less than 27 states, according to data from Johns Hopkins University. Osterholm while highlighting the fact that nearly 70,000 new cases of the virus were reported last week, which is equal to the largest number of cases seen in a day during the pandemic, said that the country will cross the mark of 67000 to 75000 average new cases in a day, in the coming months.

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Despite the increasing number of cases in the US, top disease expert, and the Director of Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases Dr. Anthony Fauci believes the national lockdown is not required unless the US coronavirus gets totally out of hands. He said no to lockdown and added that the adherence to safety measures of the coronavirus should be the way forward. He further believes that the American public is fatigued and could see safety health measures as a way to keep things open.

The people of the US can limit the spread of the virus by following the guidelines which the health officials are recommending for months including, to practice social distancing, to wear a face mask, to avoid involving in large crowds, and to keep gatherings at outdoors.

Osterholm believes that the efforts to stop the spread of covid19 is being hampered by the government’s lack of coordination with the recommendations of the experts. He said that a major problem right now is communication, as people are confused about what to believe and that there should be a clear message given to the public which shall coordinate with science and reality. More than 8.1 million people have been infected and more than 219,674 have died of the virus in the US.

Vaccines for the coronavirus won’t be available until at least the October of next year, and even if they are, half of the people of the US are doubtful about taking it, said Osterholm. There has been some controversy regarding the development process of the coronavirus vaccine as politicians are asking for it to be released quickly, and some are questioning whether the issue being politicized means that the efficacy and safety of the possible vaccine of coronavirus be affected. However, some health experts still believe that the agencies involved in developing the vaccine will adhere to the high standards.

CVS Pharmacy and Walgreens pharmacy have been given the job to help in the distribution of vaccines free of cost, once a candidate for the vaccine is approved in the United States. It will be up to the two to decide the procedure for getting the vaccines delivered including personal protective equipment and cold storage requirements.

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