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A Bizarre Coronavirus Symptom that Was Never Seen Before- Shocking Discovery

Coronavirus pandemic is not showing any sign of decline and every day adds hundreds of new cases to the COVID19 database.

The infection which appears to be minor at first is actually taking the lives of people, especially those who are old, have low immunity or underlying medical conditions. although the general coronavirus symptoms are more of a casual nature.

But the reason why is it not going slowing down gives rise to another theory; maybe the virus has mutated?

The World Health Organization (WHO) has published a list of coronavirus symptoms that include a persistent cough, sore throat, shortness of breath, and fever. However, there is this new coronavirus symptom that is consistently showing up in new cases and it is all over the news. The new patients of coronavirus are experiencing weird rash on their toes which is highly unlikely in this “respiratory illness” and looks more of chilblains.  This new coronavirus symptom is termed as “COVID Toe” by the doctors.

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The medical experts are surprised to see so many people reporting this bizarre coronavirus symptom. They initially thought it’s just the effect of cold weather. However, now, after the seasonal change, this symptom is still here which is even more confusing because it makes no connection with coronavirus, as coronavirus is a lung disease.

Dr. Swati Mohan is a consultant dermatologist who explains this COVID toe to be a “tell-tale” sign. The patients of this new coronavirus symptom first notice that their toe is turning purple, then it becomes blue, like a bruise and eventually, it turns red.

This discoloration makes no sense and it definitely resembles the chilblains, so this condition is more specifically a “Pseudo chilblains”.

Not to forget, this new coronavirus symptom is only a clinical presentation but considering its occurrence in all coronavirus patients, doctors are now considering it a vital sign of the disease which should not be ignored anyway.

Unlike other signs of coronavirus, this COVID toe shows up weeks later than infection showing up. For many people, it appeared even after the acute disease phase which tells that it is not an identifying symptom of the disease. By the time it shows up, the body is already half past the acute coronavirus phase.

This COVID toe is not just a color change but also causes inflammation of the toe. Some people found it itchy and uncomfortable which hinders their walk. some of them were unable to wear closed shoes as well. However, for others, it was a minor thing. So there is a possibility of a difference in its severity.

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Right now, the new coronavirus symptom, COVID toe is observed in approximately 20% of patients. And surprisingly, it is more common in youngsters and not in old age people.

The only good news here is that people who reported having this bizarre coronavirus symptom are doing better as they received treatment. So it has no harmful effect on health and treating the virus eventually heals all its symptoms, including the bizarre coronavirus symptoms.

Dr. Swati says that there is no need to run to a hospital emergency if you spot COVID toe, by doing that you are exposing all others to an even higher risk of the virus. If it is itchy or uncomfortable, using any over the counter hydrocortisone would ease it. if the pain still persists, aspiring could help. Even if the person is getting treatment for coronavirus, maintaining social distancing is mandatory.

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This bizarre coronavirus symptom is also a part of the body’s immune response by which it alerts for a viral invasion. But only taking care of the body by boosting the immunity and general coronavirus treatment, all coronavirus symptoms could be eased.

The medical experts recommend any person who is experiencing fever, cough, breathing difficulty along with a discolored, swollen or painful toe, not to panic, and inform his nearest healthcare unit about his symptoms. If necessary, he would be tested and provided with the coronavirus treatment.

More than a problem, it is a sign that a person has an active immune system. Maintaining social distancing, boosting immunity, practicing good hygiene, and taking general medicines could ease all these problems within days.