Image: New Scientist

Florida Opens Schools Amidst High Coronavirus Threat

The coronavirus pandemic now has over eleven million infections around the world. The US, among all other countries, contains the highest number of cases. In the past week, the country also reported record-breaking highs every single day. Currently, Florida has the deadliest coronavirus threat with 206, 447 confirmed cases, and a rising death toll.

The worsening situation of the coronavirus health crisis in the US made many states re-consider their decision of reopening last week. During the Senate hearing on progress over the virus, the rising number of cases was noted in all regions.

Although the governors of some, including Governor Ron DeSantis of Flordia, suggest that increase in testing is the primary reason for more cases, the medical community disagrees. If it was only the result of testing, states such as Texas would not have run out of space. Bedding in Intensive Care Units for accomodating an increasing number of coronavirus patients.

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In the case of Florida, providing medical help will be a major problem if the transmission does not come under control soon. Additionally, tracing teams find it difficult to keep track of new cases in the state. Why is this so?

According to reports on coronavirus in Florida, this is largely the residents’ fault. Many people are still going to parties at private mansions and properties. For instance, Miami-Dade County reports the increasing number of parties in many of the neighborhood as one of the biggest contributors to coronavirus.

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Nightclubs in the state are not open since early March. Even after the businesses opened three months later, the majority of the clubs were to remain shut. This did not prevent many people from returning to nightlife and parties. Raves and parties with over a hundred people have been stopped multiple times by the Miami Dade Police Department.

The mid pandemic ‘party culture’ is not a problem for Florida only.

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Other states, such as New York are also following the trend. However, the cases in New York are on a decline. On the other hand, Florida is the state with the biggest coronavirus threat. This is mainly due to the very high death toll in the state.

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The prevailing threat of further transmission may make many counties impose stricter restrictions. For example, many of the counties in Miami are reportedly shutting down bars and restaurants once again. On the issue, the majority of health experts suggest a second lockdown.

Perhaps this is the only situation to control coronavirus in Florida. However, the state itself is taking questionable decisions. Recently, the Education Commissioner of Florida,  Richard Corcoran agreed to sign an emergency order regarding schools in the state last Monday.

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As per the requirements of the new order, all schools in Florida will reopen in August. According to Corcoran, reopening schools is fundamental for ensuring the continuation of education in the state. Now that Florida is recovering from economic loss during the lockdown, it is the right time for schools to open again.

However, with an increase in coronavirus threat, there are high chances of chance in the decision. Florida has had 6,300 new infections last Monday along with 47 deaths. Improvements in the pandemic are unlikely in such as short time.