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Jennifer Lopez’s Wedding is Postponed Due to Coronavirus Lockdown

The popular American singer and actress were all set to tie the know with her long term fiancé Alex Rodriguez in 2020. However, she has recently revealed that her wedding plans are affected by the coronavirus lockdown in her interview with the popular The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

More popular by her stage name, J-Lo has admitted that she is unable to fix any date for her wedding as the coronavirus pandemic is not going slow. It is hard to imagine or predict a date when it wouldn’t affect her wedding plans.

During this interview, Ellen asked her what has she decided now, implying that it could have happened “any day now”. To this, J-Lo giggled and replied she will see where it goes as she has no idea what would happen to the wedding date. She said

“We’re just kind of in a holding pattern like the rest of the world. It’s something that we’ll have to wait and see in a few months, how this all pan out.”

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Ellen also talked about how the American star and her fiancé are helping their kids to homeschool them, as the schools and nurseries are closed. Note that Alex, the fiancé has two daughters from her previous love interest. Natasha, 15 years old, and Ella, 11, years old live with them along with Jennifer’s twins Emme and Maximilian, 12 years old.

Ellen was teasing J-Lo asking who actually helps the kids with homework and who is homeschooling them.  Jennifer confirmed that she helps the kids with their homework, mostly. She also revealed that all four kids of the couple are attending a virtual school during this coronavirus lockdown.

Ellen, who conducted this special interview from her house in Los Angeles, asked J- Lo how she finds homeschooling if it is easy or not. J-Lo replied; “Honestly I think we’re all looking at it like, what is this?’ she confessed with a bewildered look on her face and her hands on the sides of her head”.

She calls whole this lockdown time spending with her family as quite an experience.

Coronavirus cases in the US are increasing every day and the official death toll has crossed 10,000 cases. The medical experts warn this week would be the hardest or all Americans and advised them to follow all precautionary measures.

The New York State officials have confirmed that Monday is the second consecutive day to report more than 600 deaths. It is an unimaginable figure which has left all officials stunned.

The survey conducted nation-wide hospitals told that all health-care workers are experiencing severe shortages of coronavirus test kits, protective masks, face shields, and ventilators. They are also short on staff.

However, the President has rejected all these reports calling it a “made-up” political report. Although this report has been compiled by the Inspector General of Health and Human Services.

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The U.S., as well as the global stock market, is also suffering from coronavirus pandemic that is out of control despite all the measures. Nancy Pelosi (Speaker) told to expect the next coronavirus relief bill to exceed $1 trillion. Right now they are working on it.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has reported total coronavirus cases to be 330,891. It has caused at least 8,910 reported deaths. Most of the cases are reported from the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Guam, the Northern Mariana Islands, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

WHO and CDC have advised all people to stay at home and avoid going out in public unless it is necessary. They have also suggested to maintain a reasonable distance with people while it public. This coronavirus lockdown is probably the only way to control the spread of coronavirus cases in the USA. However many companies are working on its vaccine which would take a few months to be commercially available.