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British Government No More Blames Chinese Research Labs for Leaking Coronavirus

Ever since the coronavirus pandemic has started, there are many conspiracy theories circulating in social media. Some people call it a natural disaster whereas others think its a human-made virus. As there is no strong evidence to prove any of these, the debate continues over and over. A few weeks ago, some of the British politicians blamed China for leaking coronavirus from their research labs in Wuhan, causing its worldwide spread.

The Senior members of the British Government said that this deadly and fatal virus was first transferred from live animal to humans in the Wuhan seafood market. But, some of the medical experts say that there is no proof if the virus was man-made and leaked from a Chinese laboratory or not. It appears that coronavirus occurs naturally. However, this week, British politicians have dropped these allegations and it no more believes that China is behind this global epidemic.

 One member of Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s emergency committee said intelligence did not argue that the ‘virus was zoonotic’ means that it originated from the animals. The statement did not rule out that virus after leaking from the Chinese city Wuhan first transmitted to humans.

Chinese officials have declared the claims about leaking of the virus from the Wuhan laboratory as “Internet rumors.

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After receiving Detailed classified briefings from the security services, the member of the Cobra committee said that the view about zoonotic theory is credible as it is based on the virus nature. Possibly the presence of a laboratory in Wuhan is not a coincidence. This news is not discounted

Wuhan is the city of China that is home for the institute of virology and where more innovative and advance labs are present.

The $30million institute is Ten miles away from the main point where the outbreak had started i.e. the wildlife market of Wuhan, which is the center of coronavirus pandemic.

The first time, Scientists from this institute said that novel coronavirus is associated with bats. 

In 2018, according to the state-run People’s Daily newspaper these labs were capable of dealing with the experiments of highly pathogenic or zoonotic microorganisms such as Ebola virus.

Scientists of the institute were the first ones who propose that the genome of this virus is 96% similar to that virus present in bats. 

As these labs are famous for high security but some unverified local reports were received that some workers got the infection after having contact with blood at the institute. These workers then transmitted this infection to the local population.

Wuhan Center for Disease Control, which is the second Institute in Wuhan city is hardly three miles away from the main wildlife market. It is believed that scientists also conducted experiments on live animals (such as bats) to observe the mode of transmission of coronaviruses. 

About last night Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s administration said that claims about the virus did not recognize that it originated from the Chinese Laboratory.

Back in 2004, a Chinese lab was also responsible for leaking a virus that led to a Sars outbreak that infected 9 people and killed one person. The government of China also admitted its mistake and said that leakage of the virus occurred due to negligence and the government punished the five officials in this regard. 

The Chinese government tried to cover up the outbreak of coronavirus at its initial stages because the virus is again started to spread from the Wuhan city.

Chinese officials said that perhaps the US military was responsible for bringing the coronavirus in Wuhan.

Zen Rong, an official from the Chinese embassy said that such reports and rumors totally disrespects the significant efforts and the incredible sacrifice of China and neglect the substantial contribution of China to the global public health and safety. 

He further added that China took no time in identifying the virus as a pathogen, sharing the genome sequence with the WHO. It also advised people to take certain measures that are effective in controlling the spread of the outbreak. China also shares its experiences and suffering and also provides help to countries such as the UK.

A spokesman from the Chinese embassy said that there is no conclusion about the coronavirus pandemic origin that has a medical and scientific basis. Still, the work is under process.

According to the statement of WHO, the world is the state of global emergency and the source of this outbreak is still no determined. The main focus should be on repression and stigmatizing language that refers to certain places must be avoided.