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Risk of Coronavirus for Diabetic Patients is Higher

Coronavirus continues to spread and health experts have warned older adults and people with certain medical conditions to take special precautions. The coronavirus outbreak can worsen the conditions of people with certain diseases and increase the risk of health complications. Diabetes is one such disease which requires special care during this pandemic.

Diabetes is a lifestyle affecting condition which, if not controlled can invite certain health problems to affect the person suffering from it. it might also impact on the recovery period and healing time after a disease. This information suggests that diabetic people are more susceptible to coronavirus infection during this pandemic.

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While this infection is highly contagious and spreading like anything, studies say that people having a medical history of certain diseases such as diabetes, or high blood pressure are at a higher risk of coronavirus infection.

The health agencies have advised people of all ages to take necessary precautions and do not risk their health if they are already diagnosed with a condition such as blood pressure or diabetes. It is more important for them to take this coronavirus threat seriously and take timely precautions before its too late.

The coronavirus infection affects a diabetic person differently. Normally, the immune system is activated whenever there is a pathogenic attack. But in the case of diabetic people, insulin production inside the body is already compromised. So whenever there is an external threat, it could last more complications than typical people.

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The imbalanced sugar levels inside blood make it more difficult for the body to regulate and control the flow of blood and hence essential nutrients all of which are required for a healthy body function and an operative immunity.  The natural defense meninism of the body protects from the infections and also promotes self-healing. That is why the recovery period is somewhat delayed and longer than diabetic people.

Diabetic people often experience low immunity which is why they are more likely to develop complications whoever there is a pandemic like a coronavirus. With an increasing number of coronavirus cases, diabetic people are advised to practice good personal hygiene, be in a self-set quarantine and distance themselves from anyone who appears to show symptoms of coronavirus.

Anyone who has a personal or family medical history of diabetes should consult his nearest doctor to get personalized guidelines and precautions. Social distancing is a good way to prevent catching the infection in the first place as the mass gatherings and highly crowded places are the most common places to transmit coronavirus.

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Dr. Dhanashree Atre Singh from Jupiter Hospital says that diabetic people should follow extra precautions and make sure that their blood sugar levels are under control. In case they suspect any symptom of coronavirus, they must seek immediate medical attention.

Just like any other disease, early diagnosis of the condition can prevent complications occurring. Meanwhile, it is necessary to know the common symptoms of coronavirus and notice if they experience any of those. For diabetic people, surviving a viral infection is problematic as their pre-existing disease (diabetes) reduces their immunity and makes it nearly impossible for the body to naturally get over the viral infection.