Gastric Cancer Foundation Collects $250,000 Funds For Gastric Cancer Research And Programs

The Gastric Cancer Foundation (GCF) makes 10 years working for gastric cancer awareness, research, and programs. The fundraising event took place on November 16, this year at the Peninsula Golf and Country Club, San Mateo, California. More than 200 supporters attended this event and collected $250,000 funds to support patient programs and gastric cancer research. The event’s chair, Jeff Netzer honored the champions of this noble cause and appreciated the work for patient support.

Paul Gottsegen and Alice Leung together gave the inaugural award called “Champion of Hope” to Ron and Diane Weintraub, Hans Rueffert and Mohamad El-Zaatari. These awards are an acknowledgment for the deserving individuals who have helped in this important cause by all means.

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The co-chair, Alice Leung shares how these efforts extraordinarily improve the life of people who deserve it. It is a proud moment for the Gastric Cancer Foundation (GCF) to continue the support of people for such a long time. Throughout this time, the foundation made sure that it is providing hope and better treatment facilities for gastric cancer patients.

The anniversary event was sponsored by the following.

  • “Gold Sponsors Capital Group”
  • “Merck”
  • “Playstudios”
  • “The Netzer Family Foundation”
  • “Susanna Nichols”
  • “Sara and Jeff Schottenstein Family Charitable Fund”
  • “Silver Sponsor Five Prime”
  • “Pearl Sponsors First Republic Wealth Management and Parametric Portfolio”

Collectively, Gastric Cancer Foundation has arranged more than $2.3 million in funds for research in gastric cancer. This increased amount of funding is a relieving sign because gastric cancer only receives .04% of total federal funding for cancer research otherwise.

The foundation has opened the first-ever HIPAA-compliant Gastric Cancer Registry and also decided to give a perpetual Research Scholar Award to a young scientist who is pursuing research on gastric cancer. Otherwise, gastric cancer is often neglected even in research.

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Gastric Cancer Foundation launched its first Gastric Cancer Registry program in 2011. It is a secure HIPAA-compliant real-time database by Stanford University. All the researchers collect detailed data about gastric cancer patients and it includes the physical samples of the tumors as well. This information and sample are helpful for the researchers to make a plausible genomic analysis.

The Gastric Cancer Registry is an informative and developmental addition to prevent and treat gastric tumors in patients. This Registry was initially created with funding from Diane and Ronald Weintraub who donated the money in memory of their beloved daughter Beth Weintraub Schoenfeld.

Here is a link to enroll at Gastric Cancer Registry.

Since 2009, the Gastric Cancer Foundation (GCF) is working to maintain a record of all its strategic investments incorporated into early-stage research in gastric cancer. These funds lead to ground-breaking discoveries which were not possible without financial support. Overall, the Gastric Cancer Foundation works without profits and it is working to improve the life of gastric cancer patients for years.

Any supportive research in gastric cancer may help patients to improve their quality of life.  All this started by JP Gallagher who was a marketing executive at Silicon Valley. At the age of 37, he was diagnosed with gastric cancer and he didn’t find any reliable information or treatment options regarding it. For six years he struggled with gastric cancer and passed away in 2013. The foundation was formed by Gallagher’s family and other people who were affected by this same disease.